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Flyin' Miata FOX suspension for the ND chassis

Flyin' Miata FOX suspension for the ND chassis
Flyin' Miata FOX suspension for the ND chassis

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6 Item(s)

Exceeds Expectations
These coilovers are amazing! The car feels incredibly agile and eager, and makes the car more enjoyable to drive. I was expecting the improved handling would come at a severe expense of ride comfort, however after driving with them for approximately 100 miles, it seems that the shocks have settled in and the ride comfort is better than expected. The ride is firm, but not harsh at all.

The instructions provided were good, however being that it was the first time I ever installed coilovers, I wish that there were more details to the instructions. Aside from that, I'm incredibly happy with my purchase and I hope ND owners take these coilovers in their consideration.
Review by Caleb P. / (Posted on 3/31/2019)
These things are fantastic!

Ok, I was finally able to install the Fox coilovers. The install was really easy, as far as car work goes. Maybe all that training on the 20-30 year old german cars paid off, because wow... So much more simple.

I really took my time, which added up to about 5-6 hours of actual work. The instructions were extremely clear, and made a lot of sense. I had the Eibach springs on there, and I didn't even need a spring compressor for the rears. The springs are so soft that all I needed to do was put some weight on the coils and that would release all pressure on the retaining nut and upper mount. So, anyone who is going to do this and has the eibachs, you should be just fine.

I ended up not disconnecting the sway bars at all. In the front it was actually super easy with the upper A arm bolts loose. Just lean on the hub a little with everything undone, push against the lower mount for the old strut, and it will fall right now. Then weave it up and out of the assembly. Put the coilover assembly in there, and attach the top hat to the car. That way, when you put downward pressure on the hub assy, it will not drop down along with it, and adds stability.

In the rear, I think the trunk lining and that fuel pump shield took more time than either one of the corners. Again, I didn't pull the sway bar links. What i did was release the upper nuts first, used my impact wrench on the lower bolt, and let it run itself out. Then I put a bunch of sudden weight on the hub, and shoved the lower part of the rear strut out of the way. It took a couple tries, but wasn't that hard. Use the force! Reassembly is the reverse of this procedure. Again, get the top nuts in place, and then you'll have to use a bunch of strength to get that lower mount of the shock into place. Really, you just need to get it on top of the link. Don't worry about lining up the bolt hole, yet. Once you have it in place, use a flathead screwdriver, inserted from behind the shock, between the lower control arm and the shock body. Then just rotate the screwdriver, and it will lift the shock up, allowing you to find the proper alignment to get the bolt into place. There ya go! Now you just need to tighten things up and you're all set.

I then drove around the block and thought i got the suspension to settle a bit. Then i went around and set the ride heights. I ended up just below 13" for the front, and then just above 13" for the rear, with .5" difference, per flyin' miata's recommended heights.

I set the shocks to the recommended stiffness, front at 17 from stiff, and rear at 22 from stiff. My first drive was astounding. I could even tell a difference when i was backing out of my driveway. My fiancee excitedly jumped into the passenger seat (she had been bugging me for hours about wanting to be there for the test drive), and we drove around SF for about 20m. Anyone who has been here is aware that we have what are likely to be the worst roads in the country. Rough, full of potholes, undulating, etc.. But this new suspension handles all of it with aplomb. I was overwhelmingly excited about how the car felt.

On Monday, I did my standard commute down 101 to San Mateo, which is about 20 miles. I can't begin to articulate just how much nicer the car is to drive. It is so much more comfortable, with a beautifully supple ride. Before, with the eibachs, the ride was busy, jiggly, and a bit bouncy. Any quick steering inputs would be met with significant roll and delayed steering response. Fast lane changes would feel wallowy and irritating. Now, all of that has changed. There is still body roll, but it is quick and extremely well controlled. The car responds beautifully to sudden steering inputs and inspires a lot of confidence.

Then yesterday, I decided that there wasn't enough rebound dampening at that stiffness setting, and upped it by 4 clicks. I figure that a good system for targeting proper shock stiffness is to go in 4 click initial changes to truly notice a difference and tell if I need to be stiffer, softer, or stay the same. If I need to change it, I will decide which direction to go, and move it 2 clicks. And then, if I'm still not satisfied, 1 more to truly hone in on the proper stiffness.

So, after driving it for another day, i think those 4 clicks were too much. It's just a little too jiggly and stiff now. So, I'm gonna back it off 2 clicks, and see how it goes. What i'm not completely sure about is how to determine if I need to change the front to rear balance. I know that the rear shocks help determine ride quality, so I think I need to work from that assumption.

So, verdict as of today? COMPLETELY worth every single penny. I was SO close to getting the Xidas, but the difference in price was nearly 700 after factoring in sales tax. I could almost justify a 500 dollar difference, but couldn't figure out 700 considering I'm not really ever planning on competing with the car, and this is really just an overly built street car. The whole setup seems well designed, and the quality is very good. I'm amazed at how light they are.

Bravo to everyone at Flyin' Miata! Thank you, thank you!
Review by MswmSwmsW / (Posted on 11/9/2018)
WOW!!! These are that good!
Wow, simply wow. Yes folks, Flyin' Miata hit the nail on the head with these. Basically every Miata should come with these...something which even Dave Coleman, head of MNAO's R&D, who attended the 2016 FM Summer Camp event commented on.

The ride is sublime; never harsh or soft. They reside in the perfect Goldilock's zone heretofore never attainable in a Miata.

Further, and this is something that FM still really doesn't push, is the loss of unsprung weight (roughly half of the weight savings between the Fox kit and your heavy oem parts) is very noticeable; on the road or track. Don't believe me, read Sam Smith's take from the 2016 Miatas at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca event here:

My car is commented on as Car #3, as well as in the review of Car #8 and again at the conclusion of the article.
Review by Richard Dekker / (Posted on 11/9/2018)
Amazing coilovers
The Fox coilovers are outstanding. I've had them installed about 1 month now and not only are they great on the street they are amazing on the track. This is the general feedback I left on the forum:

"Apparently the tire shop who did my alignment (after I did the coilover install) accidentally inflated the tires to 40 psi instead of 30 psi. I didn't catch this error until after I had done my initial street review. As a result I concluded that the setup was harsher than anticipated. Well, as you can imagine, the ride quality and characteristics were significantly improved after correcting the tire pressure. I would now refer to both track and street characteristics as fantastic. I'm very happy with the compromise between street-ability and track-ability. These coilovers are just excellent all around and are very suitable for all road types and surfaces."

"I did my first track day (recently) and thought I would post some feedback on how the Fox suspension performed. In one word: amazing. These coilovers are great on the track. I had 20 uninterrupted minutes on track with a Miata spec pro. He loved the way the car handled and had nothing but positive feedback. It was my first track experience but I was extremely impressed as well."

Basically, these things are great. If you can afford the premium price point then you will definitely enjoy the premium performance both on the road and the track. I think they are worth every penny.
Review by benspeed83 / (Posted on 11/9/2018)
Fun, Worry Free & Reliable (like an ND)
This is my first set of coilovers on the ND, but I've driven a different set in the canyons as well. The FM coilovers are exactly as they advertise. They are well constructed, light, easy to adjust, and make the car very fun.

The recommended setup is pretty good, though after getting swaybars, I think they work better when augmented with stiffer bars (or maybe 9/5 springs which I'll be trying soon). I bring enough tools to the canyons to do quick ride height changes, and honestly the heights and alignment specs they recommend are pretty spot on.

The coilovers make the car feel even more lively, respond faster than OEM, while still having good ride quality and much less lean. They also have a ton of suspension travel, though I highly recommend you not run all 3 travel limiting spacers in the front unless you are running a massive diameter tire. The more playfulness does cause the car to move around more when you hit a large bump at high speeds IMO (compared to my friends coilovers with adjustable compression), but his car is a lot more serious and boring at all other times, which really goes against what the ND was about anyways. This is the setup I think OEM should have had, low compromises and very fun / responsive.
Review by D3lusions03 / (Posted on 11/9/2018)
Makes your grin even wider
I have a hard time not smiling when I drive my ND, and these are not helping. I installed the FM Fox coil-overs in July 2016 (the Sport version) after driving on the OEM setup for a few months. I also have the 6UL-17x8/Yokohama and FM sway bars. The results are other-worldly. The steering seems telepathic and the grip is sort of ridiculous, in a good way. There is very little compromise, I love the firm ride and there is no harshness, even over expansion joints, speed bumps or uneven pavement. The car doesn't exhibit any new bad behaviors, it's just better and more fun.
Review by AllanPaige / (Posted on 11/9/2018)

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