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Flyin' Miata ND four wheel Little Big Brake Kit

Note: calipers are now grey anodized
Flyin' Miata ND four wheel Little Big Brake Kit

Price as configured: $1,169.00

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2 Item(s)

No-brainer, high value upgrade
I've had this kit installed for almost 3 years (purchased in Jan 2017). After 22K miles, I'm still smiling every time I use the brakes. Straightforward installation about a month after purchasing the car, so no rusted nuts/bolts/connections. Upgraded the fluid to the Redline RL-600. After a state inspection at my local dealer, the technician noted on the form how the brakes were. I expect to get about 80K miles on the pads based on the wear so far. The stock discs are still looking good. I'm impressed that the discs are wearing very smoothly without any wear ridges like one usually sees after several thousand miles.
Review by StealthND / (Posted on 11/20/2019)
A No-Brainer Mod for Every MX-5 Owner
Better braking and the loss of unsprung weight makes this mod a no-brainer. I installed the four-wheel kit with the new Dynalite calipers, FM adapters, stainless lines, and new pads, and couldn't be happier from both a cosmetic and performance perspective. I also did a full flush and upped the fluid from OEM DOT 3 to Redline RL-600 DOT 4. My pedal feel is firm and solid, stopping power is greatly enhanced, and the reduction in unsprung weight enhanced the overall ride quality. This mod should be on every MX-5 owners list of things to do.
Review by Tom Dougherty / (Posted on 4/25/2019)

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