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ND Hard Dog Sport roll bar

ND Hard Dog Sport roll bar
ND Hard Dog Sport roll bar
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Customer Reviews 5 item(s)

5 Item(s)

Good product, very solid, good quality
Reasonable install, took about 4-5 hours for this first timer. Instructions moslty clear but could have used more photos/instructions on trimming of plastic structures behind seats. Also would be nice to have products available to cover the defects created in those panels to accomodate the roll bar.
Review by Shanimal / (Posted on 12/6/2019)
Safety carries no price-tag.
This is a tiny car and trying to fit a huge piece of metal behind the seats is a chore... that should not be a surprise to you. I found the fitment very good, it's now months later and I remain very happy with this bar. In fact, happier. I spent spare moments over several weekends on the install, all by myself. It is a lot of work, a lot of R & R, but absolutely worth every penny... and safety should be be your number one upgrade. P.S. When you pull apart the Mazda "rollover protection" you will be shocked and disgusted at how useless that pretty piece actually is. Or was, since you're installing this bar. Happy Motoring!
Review by Scott / (Posted on 4/15/2019)
looks great, needs better install instructions/parts
so let me start off by saying this thing looks amazing and adds some stiffness to the car.
when it comes to putting it in the instructions could be better, and if youre paying 700-ish after shipping for a roll bar you shouldnt need to:
1. zip tie your trim onto the bar
2. guesstimate where you need to cut the trim to make the pieces fit, just make a paper template, or better pictures in the instructions
Review by fattywompus / (Posted on 11/7/2017)
Good but needs improvement for install
Very frustrated during the install. The instructions clearly state to reuse factory hardware for the front mount. The punchline? The bolts have a flange and won't clear the brackets and welds used to secure the new seatbelt reel attachment bar. So plan a trip to buy some bolts as the included bolts aren't the same thread pitch as the stock so you can't use those either. Couple that with sloppy measurements on their part (we had to tweak the bar to get all four front bolts to line up and thread them in). I expect better craftsmanship especially when the holes are already oversized to allow for some variance car to car. The holes were off about 1/16".

Other than that I like the product. It is head and shoulders better than the stock hoops for sure.
Review by BP / (Posted on 4/21/2017)
Flyin' Miata's perserverence paid off!
Keith's redesign of this bar as compared to Hard Dog's initial design paid off for us tall people, as he gained a further inch of height with no penalties.

The bar allowed me to run two groups higher up at the 2016 Miatas at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca event; for which I'm very thankful for.
Review by Richard Dekker / (Posted on 4/16/2017)

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