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Flyin' Miata sway bar set (ND chassis)

Why do you need sway bars? This is why you need sway bars.
Flyin' Miata sway bar set (ND chassis)
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This is a really good kit, high quality parts and complete all the way down to the lubricant for the bushings. Took about 6 hours to do both the front and the rear with the car on jack stands. The install video and some patience should be enough to see the average shade tree mechanic through. A few observations: 1. The rubber bushings that are bonded to the factory bar make it a bit of a challenge to get the front bar out. On the right side in particular there's not much room to squeeze by the subframe. In addition to being big and bulky, the rubber bushings are also grippy, tending to create lots of friction between the bushing and the subframe. If you spray the bushings down with a spray bottle containing a soap and water solution, they'll squeeze past the tight spots much more easily. 2. As alluded to in the video, the rear bolt on the coolant pipe is a bear to get to, especially during reassembly. However, the bolt is much easier to access if you reinstall the coolant pipe after the new bar is in place but before it's installed into its mounting brackets. With the sway bar loose, you can shift it a bit out of the way to allow easier access to the rear coolant pipe bolt. 3. I installed the aluminum retainer collars for the front sway bar per the instructions; that is, biased such that the collar will be parallel to the subframe at static ride height. Once I was done and had the car back down on the ground, I found that the left side looked good (parallel to the subframe) but the right side did not. Not sure why there was more rotation of the sway bar on the right side as compared to the left, but whatever the reason it required an adjustment of the collar or I'm afraid it would have hit the subframe during suspension travel. Recommend that you check the position of the collars once the car is on all four wheels. You can easily see the collars by looking through the opening between the spokes in the front wheels. 4. Finally, I'm curious why the kit includes the retaining collars for the front sway bar but not for the rear. Seems the rear would have the same tendency to "walk" if not restrained. A clamp very much like what comes in the kit is available from McMaster Carr for about $6 a piece. It's part number 6436K136 on the McMaster website. The ID is sized to fit the 5/8" rear bar, and the OD is small enough that it won't contact the subframe during suspension travel (no flats required). Not sure if it's strictly necessary, but at $12 for two it's cheap insurance.
Review by KEY / (Posted on 8/2/2020)
The juice is worth the squeeze
I was convinced going into this that the reviews with people claiming 8-10 hour installs were exaggerated. They were not. If you have access to a lift you can get this install done much quicker, otherwise don't expect to be driving the car for a while. If you pull the AC line out of the keeper in the windshield wiper fluid reservoir it'll give you a little more wiggle room with the radiator when you're trying to get it in. Also, take off the rubber bushings on the radiator upper bracket and you'll have a little bit more space when you're trying to pass the bar through.
Review by John "Hannibal" Smith / (Posted on 7/11/2020)
Great suspension mod for the ND
Uninstalling the stock front bar and reinstalling this Flyin' Miata bar takes lots of patience and maneuvering if using the Flyin' Miata instructional video on YouTube. There are many other methods for removing the front bar, but Flyin' Miata's method makes it so you don't have to lower the sub frame which would mean having to get a new alignment. In total, the front bar took about 10 hours. It's an all day process. However, the rear bar is extremely easy to install and was on in less than 30 minutes. The result is an extremely good handling car with little to no body roll. Before this install, I noticed the car takes a second to settle into a corner. However, this fixed that problem too. The car really hooks up in the corners and inspires driver confidence.. The ride quality remains the same. I have both the front and rear bars set at the middle holes. Overall, it's a pain to install, but I'm happy with the outcome.
Review by Andrew / (Posted on 6/23/2020)
Just what my ND needed.
My 2016 ND now corners like a champ with the new sway bars. I followed the instructions that came with the bars as well as the YouTube video by flyin Miata completely. Sure, the front bars are a chore but once done the rears are a treat. I would most definitely recommend the upgrade as a priority (after giving the car some attitude with a new axle back muffler)
Review by Scott / (Posted on 6/3/2020)
Awesome product!
Finish and quality of all parts are great. Since I'm a mechanic and have access to lifts install wasn't too bad. Back was easy, front was a bit more challenging. The result is awesome! I put these in at the same time as the new FM carbon fiber door bushings and it completely changed the car's handling. Body roll gone, more stable through bumpy corners, more control and more confident handling in any situation! Recommend doing the reinforcements at the same time for ease of installation.
Review by Joe / (Posted on 4/18/2020)
question on stiffness rating
just installed the front and rear. it was PIA to get it in for the front.
The car becomes such a laser precision guided cornering machine. The steering response is incredible. I set it up slightly understeer for safety.

Just one question. What is the stiffness rating on these bar in Lbs/in??
I wonder how this compare to the OE front of 132 and rear of 41
Review by Tien Li / (Posted on 4/11/2020)
Great product at a reasonable price
The bars seem to be made of high quality material and with great craftsmanship. Rear bar didn't take too long, my only thing is that I suggest taking the wheels off. It makes it much easier to loosen the sway bar links, especially if you live in salty Pennsylvania like me. The front was a whore, but the result is well worth it. The driving dynamics of the car are greatly improved. No more squishy reactions in corners, less wheel hop going over bumpy turns. I also recommend getting the mount reinforcements in when you do the the sway bars as the reinforcements are easier to install with the sway bar out.
Review by Joe / (Posted on 3/1/2020)
good parts... for the price
I have had these installed for a bit over a year now, 14 months to be exact. I really like the improvement in handling and the adjustable settings. I have the front set on full stiff and the back set in the middle. In the summer I am using Toyo r1r 205/50r16 tires, a big step up from the stock 195/50r16 Yokohamas (that are more than an inch wider despite what the size suggests, and much stickier too). The sway bars really help take advantage of the extra grip. Before next autocross season I am planning on having a proper alignment done and would like to install sports shocks and springs too.

Periodic lubrication of the bushings is required or they will start to squeak, especially over speed bumps. Also a good time to check the fasteners. I just did that today again (last did it in July) after not being able to stand the squeaking anymore.

However, I must say, the quality of these parts are not great. One of the rear brackets came with the holes cut in the wrong spot, too close together. I had to first bend the bracket to make it fit the bolts and later slotted out the holes with a dremel (and paint to cover the bare metal). The bushing was moving within the bracket when it was bent causing a clunk. Flying Miata was worthless to replace or exchange this small part- no response from my inquiry. The paint is flaking off the bars, especially around the sharp edges near the ends, and especially on the front sway bar. I also purchased the adjustable end links which are now completely rusted along with all of the included hardware. I will probably spray some fluid-film soon and hopefully that will prevent any further oxidation. I live well outside of the rust belt in Kentucky and there is no rust anywhere else on my car despite being nearly 4 years old now. I also only have to drive about 5 or 6 miles every day to work, maybe 5000 per year in total. So it's not like it is seeing a ton of use.

Installation IIRC was quite easy, the back was very simple (you could probably do it even without a hoist). The front required removal of the fan shroud and was a bit of a puzzle to get out... the factory workshop book requires dropping the subframe but that is absolutely NOT true if you use the technique FM gives in the manual.

Note from FM: Please reach out to us again, this is not normal. If you don't get an answer from email, please call.
Review by Elektro / (Posted on 1/28/2020)
All day install but 100% worth it
After 12 hours of install just for the front, I can say this is the single best upgrade you can do for the ND. I have not even put the rears on yet, but wow what a difference. The car not only handles much better and stays flat, but the car feels overall much safer on the freeway. This is how the car should've came! Remarkable what a single bar can do.

I tried to avoid removing the fan shroud, but wish I had just done it as this would have saved me hours. I had a problem where the bar was getting stuck between the chasis (flat body color flat part): once trying to get it over the subframe, and second trying to move it back over the steering rack and mount it even on both sides. I credit this to there not being enough rotational room because I didn't remove the fan shroud. I was missing by milimeters and ended up tapping the bar softly with a hammer getting it in both times. Also, don't think you can remove the stock bar at all without removing the fan shroud, airbox + bracket, battery + bracket, and a couple hidden coolant line bolts. I ended up cutting the stock bar with a small tubing cutter.

In summary, if I had to do it again I would cut the stock bar and remove the fan shroud. Just follow FM directions and remove the fan shroud. I don't even think I am going to get springs as I like the ride comfort, although it could use a drop. If you're debating this or springs first, get the sways 1,000,000%.

Note from FM: the good news for Haggler is that the rear bar is a complete walk in the park!
Review by Haggler / (Posted on 1/8/2020)
Game changer for handling
I’m going to join the throng of other reviewers by stating that this sway bar set (I also purchased FM’s end links) transforms the ND Miata’s handling from go kart —> 911. I have a 2016 Club Miata and really noticed how squirrelly the handling can. Body roll turning in, and while making quick transitions left me feeling almost a little unsafe as though I couldn’t quite trust where the limit of the Miata is. After having my local auto shop charge me an arm and a leg to install these (evidently the front sway bar install is a real pain in the ***), I immediately noticed how much more PLANTED the car becomes. “Point and shoot” weapon vs. Soviet RPG is now an accurate description of the Miata’s handling. Whether I’m going 10 mph or 80 mph, the car doesn’t roll or sway and I feel very confident turning in, throwing it around. My Mazda didn’t design the car this way in the first place is a mystery to me, but these are very much worth it and will put a capital Z in Zoom Zoom. Just get em!
Review by Maynard / (Posted on 10/31/2019)

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