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Hush-O-Matic exhaust for ND

The business end of the active exhaust.
Hush-O-Matic exhaust for ND
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Tłumik idealny
Prosta instalacja (zalecam na podnośniku gdyż w ten sposób można dobrze poprowadzić przewód ), wszystko w komplecie idealnie pasuje. A tłumik na cóż mruczy fajnym basem i to wtedy kiedy powinien, a kiedy powinien być miły i cich to jest, 10 na 10 punktów, dobrego super wykonanie!
Review by Ott / (Posted on 9/28/2019)
Do it!
I purchased this along with the mid-pipe. Easy to install and beautifully made. The exhaust tone is intoxicating and leaves me grinning from ear to ear when the bypass valve opens up. The first few weeks my gas mileage went down because I couldn’t stop myself from driving wide open throttle just to listen to it. It also sounds better than stock (and very subtle) when the valve is closed and the FM muffler is in effect. Highly recommend.
Review by Jeremy / (Posted on 8/27/2019)
Junk. Not worth the price. Lasted a year. Warranty is a joke.
Had this exhaust a year. Go for inspection and find out 2 of the welded seams are splitting. Their "warranty" requires that I ship it to them for repair and ship it back to myself, both at my expense, PLUS the expense of having it removed and reinstalled. It lasted just over a year before it failed. I just replaced it with a GWR RoadsterSport and not only is it made better, it SOUNDS so much better. The HushOMatic I JUNK.

Note from FM: GWR RoadsterSport exhausts are made in the same factory and carry the same warranty as Flyin' Miata exhausts. Macrog75, please contact us.
Review by Macrog75 / (Posted on 8/27/2019)
Adds to the fun
The Hush exhaust brings a welcome resonance that is lost to the OEM unit. A bland rush of air becomes a declarative tone while avoiding the off-pitch 'blatt' Borla offers as a way to sell a sound no race car actually makes. Today's engines are incapable of the crisp rasp Abarth units brought to Triumphs and Healys in the fifties and sixties. This unit kindles those memories without giving the MX5 a deep bellow; more so than the OEM-permitted 'chuff,' the result is in character with a car that continues the spirit.
Review by scassani / (Posted on 5/25/2019)
Exactly What I was Looking For
This exhaust was pretty easy to install and came packaged very well. I've had it on for about 800 miles now, and I couldn't be more pleased with it. It's loud when I want it to be and quiet when I pass by the California Highway Patrol. On the freeway I can barely hear the exhaust. Downshift a gear or three and it really wakes up, especially with the top down. The best part is that my friends can actually hear my car now :)
Review by Jeremy / (Posted on 4/9/2019)
Looks Great, Sounds Great
This exhaust is exactly what I was looking for! On the freeway/while cruising the sound is barely noticeable. When you want to hear it, it's louder, deeper, and has no drone. Would highly recommend.
Review by Jeremy / (Posted on 3/26/2019)
Exactly the visibility and exactly the sound I was looking for.
I've been traveling with this exhaust for a month and I love it very much. The quality is very good, installation was easy and the result, very beautiful. The exhaust looks good and sounds even better. I decide what I want, quiet sound or loud and strong, perfect! For two years I drive on an stock exhaust and now, it is like a celebration. I invited it without knowing how he sounded in reality and I am really pleased with the result. Sorry for my bad English ..
Review by Ofer / (Posted on 3/12/2019)
Five Stars, I'd Give It Six If I Could
I simply could not be more pleased … top-shelf quality, exceptional customer support, and a sweet sounding ride.

Read more at my blog - https://lifebeyondpolitics.blog/2019/03/11/my-mx-5-mod-4/
Review by Tom Dougherty / (Posted on 3/11/2019)
Great sound, beautiful construction, happy driver.
I installed my HoM this morning and have been driving all day. I absolutely love it.

The install was straight-forward and easily completed by a novice mechanic with no help. Some co-ordination required to remove and install the exhaust without an extra set of hands, but the whole thing took me less than an hour.

The trickiest part of the install is definitely removing and replacing the vacuum line on the barb that comes out of the back of the engine. It is in a tight spot, so small hands definitely help. I don't have small hands, so I found removing the brace helps, as does swearing under your breath.

This exhaust makes the car sound as good as it looks. A touch deeper at idle and when noodling through my subdivision, but it wakes right up when I go past about 20% throttle. Bassier, no drone, louder without being offensive, and a nice burble when I let off the gas. Super happy with this -- I took a chance, buying without hearing it on a similar car, and I'm glad I did.
Review by Jean-Paul / (Posted on 7/12/2018)
It's like having two mufflers from "that other guy".
Two mufflers in one...or actually three now that I have a version of the future CAN-BUS integration through the variable intermittent windshield wiper switch installed (occurred at the 2017 Summer Camp event).

My muffler now runs from quiet, through three modes of active, to full-loud based on the five wiper settings. Awesome.

Fit, finish, and quality is all up to the usual FM standard. A must-do for those that like having a Jekyll & Hyde attitude.
Review by Richard Dekker / (Posted on 9/11/2017)

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