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Flyin Miata tool kit (2001-05 VVT engine) - ARCHIVED

VVT tool kit
Flyin Miata tool kit (2001-05 VVT engine) - ARCHIVED
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5 Item(s)

Great set of tools
I bought this set of tools, along with the 3D printed, version 2 of their Ninja cam tool. I found that setting the crank & cams at TDC, locking the cam gears in place with the Ninja tool, and locking some adjustable wrenches in place on the cam flats themselves with a pair of vise grips kept everything nice and oriented for reassembly. Even with the tools, which are great, I ended up having to do the job twice because the exhaust cam seal folded back on installation, even after it was oiled on the inside diameter. Same problem on the crank seal. My solution was, after shedding a few tears of frustration upon realizing I was going to have to crack into this thing again (which feels like barely making it off the Nostromo and away from the xenomorph alive and realizing you have to turn around and go back for the cat), to make sure that inner surface of the seal was liberally greased with some engine assembly lube. I also greased the surface of the cam and crank where the respective seals would ride, carefully placed each seal, rotated it to get it 'floating' on lubricant and then carefully installed the seals using FM's excellent tools. Careful inspection with a flashlight showed the seals all installed perfectly. If it leaks after this, I give up, and I'll go trade it for a gently used ND. Two things I would point out: I'm not sure if there are two different versions of the bar that you bolt to the crank to hold it in place while you tighten the crank bolt, but no two holes lined up with my crank gear, at either end of that bar. I don't know if I was sent the wrong one, or if I'm just blind. I promise, I understand the concept of how it works, but neither end lines up properly with the requisite 2 holes to hold it in place. So, I just had to slap it in 5th gear and go at it with a torque wrench. Secondly, FMs instructions for the use of their seal installers are excellent. I especially appreciate how they warn you not to grease the outer diameter of the seals. Good advice that I followed and that you don't see in print in any of the books and manuals on the subject. I would recommend one add, just one line, to their instructions - emphasize the importance of adequate lubrication on the inner diameter of those seals when installing them, to prevent it folding back on installation. It was only after this debacle that I was able to find myriad horror stories of the exact same thing happening. Forewarned is forearmed. FM is a great company to deal with. These tools definitely make your life easier. Buy the tools, READ the instructions, proceed slowly and carefully, and you can do this. Looking forward to installing one of their Stage 1 turbo kits very soon... Not looking forward to tapping into the wiring harness.. Bet you guys don't make a special tool for that, do you?? LOL. Cheers all.
Review by Chris / (Posted on 5/29/2020)
Have the right tools on hand, at the right time!!!
Well worth the money! It does what it is designed to do to make your (and my) life easier when it came time to do the 100K mile maintenance. The best part is, I have it in my tool box so when I end up buying another Miata (cause eventually that will happen again) I will have this waiting!
Review by Raszaron / (Posted on 3/31/2019)
Works as advertised and well worth the price.
Highly recommended by my mechanic.
Review by Hombre / (Posted on 4/8/2017)
a must have
if you're doing a timing belt, this is a must have. the ninja tool being of most value, setting the cam timing is a real bear, but with this set up, much easier, well worth the dollar spent.
Review by george / (Posted on 4/14/2016)
Why did I ever do this job without these tools!?!?
If fought crank bolts and tried to drive seals straight with a socket or piece of pipe. I finally gave in and bought these tools. Wow! So easy with the right tools for the job. 100% confident that the seals are in right.
Review by Phil / (Posted on 9/29/2015)

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