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Flyin' Miata NC supercharger system

Flyin' Miata NC supercharger system
Flyin' Miata NC supercharger system

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8 Item(s)

Wow WTF!
Trust me,buy this thing.Install it , come back rate it 5 stars then back on driving again.Enjoy some instant spool.Its not your average Miata anymore.Near instant shipping...Look no further,this is everything you need to make a Miata more Miata than other average Miatas.
Review by Jack / (Posted on 4/19/2018)
Get the supercharger, it is incredible. Worth it in every way.
I just felt compelled to write to you all about the supercharger I recently installed in a 2013 hard top with auto transmission.Let me just say OMG. Remember when you got into your first Miata and drove it. You had that big smile. Now you have it all over again...except all the time. The car is wicked fast now. It goes from 20-80 in no time. At 100 MPH i’m now in 5th gear at 3500 rpm. And now the car is flying UP the hills. Also added stage 2 FM suspension which is incredible. New Wilwood brakes, and the muffler they recommend for the supercharger. Also, i am getting better gas mileage up to 24 mpg.

Let me just say i feel like i am driving a track car,except it is comfortable, i can drive it every day and no one knows what’s under the hood.

I couldn’t recommend the conversion more. And a huge thank you to AP Tuning from Lebanon, Pa who did the install.
Review by Flyin J / (Posted on 4/12/2018)
The way the NC should have come from Mazda!
I had this kit installed at FM in November 2010 on my 2007 GT. Through continued tuning tweaks with FM-partner Dynotronics, this is an awesome kit; stock drivability, gobs of torque and power when you need / want it, and no issues.
Review by Richard Dekker / (Posted on 9/11/2017)
Supercharger Greatly Increased my Smiles per Mile
Had the folks at Flyin' Miata bolt one of their superchargers on my '13 Club. Had them replace the clutch at the same time. I was very impressed at the quality of workmanship on the install. Their technician's attention to detail far exceeds what you would normally expect these days. Installing one of these things involves quite a bit and I really expected there would be a few hiccups, an occasional check engine light or something. Been three months now and it's been rock solid. Recommend buying the Ecutek cable. I'm still working with Dynotronics on the tune. I'm on my 8th version now and every version runs better than the last. This thing is totally transparent. It starts and runs like a stock engine, until you get on it, then it pulls like a beast.
Review by Davenkc / (Posted on 9/13/2016)
Highly recommend to anyone on the fence!
Was torn between Supercharging or Turbocharging my '13 Club. After much research, seemed the supercharger was tried and true for NC platform. Great upgrade and the car now feels like a V6. The SC fixed, in my opinion, Miata's biggest liability of being underpowered. Currently running the 3.0 pulley with no issues. Have also installed RB header and sways, Enki PF01's, ACT Clutch and FM Stage 1 Konis/FM Springs. Staff at FM has been great to work with...they know their stuff!
Review by Allan D / (Posted on 7/26/2016)
Great kit- the MazdaSpeed that wasn't.
Installed on 2006 Grand Touring otherwise stock. Great kit and a tremendous increase in power and torque. I could not ask for more and keep the car otherwise stock. Now a 6 speed in not enough gears. Clutch is holding but will upgrade soon. Very clean installation that looks and acts stock just with a lot more go. The installation is fairly straight forward but I down graded my rating to a 4.5 for the instructions. Pictures and text alone don't do it. They need a parts list, inventory with parts numbered and a few diagrams. Also some hoses don't match such as a 3/4" hose to a 5/8" thermostat and 1/4" to 5/16". Customer support was helpful in filling in the gaps.
Review by Flying Scott / (Posted on 4/1/2016)
Best purchased as their $9k total package inc suspension, exhaust, etc.
I found that the prodigious increase in torque requires an LSD and 235/40 (wider 17" wheels too).... FM also offers a nice Tokico/spring setup that mates well. Long-pipe header/center and their Q muffler also mate extremely well.
I went to a slightly smaller (3.2") drive pulley, and decided to add an aux ATF cooler too.
My '06 NC now has 21k post-SC with no reliability nor durability issues (even the aux pulleys are ok).
Would rate 4.5 stars simply because (initial/2013) instructions required some finessing, as does multiple tunings. Hoping that a newer tune (next spring) will settle minor CEL issues and optimize performance with header.
Review by TheSubaruGuru / (Posted on 12/19/2015)
Awesome Kit love the factory look and extra power
What an awesome kit, did many hours of research & speaking with Bill & his staff prior to making this purchase. I have NC 2013 MX5 with 6k miles & what a difference this SC adds to extra power gained. I also installed max-power ceramic coated Header & Super Q exhaust system foe additional sound & exhaust flow.
Can’t wait to start my new project with suspension next > would like to thank Bill & staff at Flyin Miata for your help & advice with my purchase.

Jerry Charleston SC
Review by NC 2013 MX5 Charleston / (Posted on 4/23/2015)

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