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15x8 949Racing 6UL wheel (NA/NB fitment)

Nickel vs Tungsten. This was taken indoors. You can see the difference between the two increases as the light level drops.
15x8 949Racing 6UL wheel (NA/NB fitment)
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3 Item(s)

I replaced factory 7-spokes on my NA8 with these in mid-summer, wearing 205/50 Direzza ZII Star Specs, using 949 hub-centering rings, and I can’t imagine being more satisfied. The ride is dramatically better, especially over rough roads, and while your experience may vary based on tire, my speedometer is actually MORE accurate than in factory spec, especially as speed increases. They balanced easily, clean up from rough drives easily, and even with two 230 lb guys in the car, in this size, fitment is no sweat at all. I’ve experience no rubbing whatsoever, even with full steering input at near-full suspension compression.

A sidenote - if you’re considering the bronze/gold finish, just take the plunge. I was on the fence based on pictures, but pictures don’t do the finish justice. I’ve got them on a white car and they look fantastic - much less washed out and dull than I’ve seen them look in photos (though brake dust could be a factor there).

So far durability seems solid as well. After a fair amount of time on the Blue Ridge Parkway, which inevitably involves some unavoidable crater-size pothole hits, I’ve had no issues.
Review by Kevin / (Posted on 11/21/2017)
A better ride!
Bought these for my MSM and they are a nice fit. A slightly wider stance under the car and no problems fitting under the fender wells! The big improvement is that the jarring "fillings in your teeth" swapping moments every time you hit a road bump that the OEM Racing Harts delivered is gone! I should have put these on the car years ago! As the previous reviewer noted there is a butt tested improvement in the cars performance due to the lighter unsprung weight at the wheels! they look great on the car as well. Flyin Miata shipment was flawless as expected!
Review by Picasso4 / (Posted on 7/21/2016)
Great product
Got these from FM, and very happy with the fit and finish. Got the 15x8s, direct fit to the car, no issues with clearance or rubbing. There is a slight but definite improvement over the original equipment Racing Harts.
Review by RJF / (Posted on 5/15/2015)

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