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FM NA/NB clutch/flywheel Happy Meal

FM NA/NB clutch/flywheel Happy Meal
FM NA/NB clutch/flywheel Happy Meal
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NA/NB FM Happy Meal (Level 1, 10.3 lb): 111 in stock
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How is it this good?
Ok, so this is my first upgraded clutch. I've done a stock replacement on a ranger a couple years back. But WOW this install was easy. Having everything packaged together like this made the purchasing process so much easier then last time. And while I haven't gotten past the break in period I'm impressed by how smooth and quick my car revs and shifts now. I tought aftermarket clutches were going to be heavy, clunky, and only good for significant increases im power, but now my mind is changed. It feels amazing at stock power and is a perfect upgrade
Review by Bruce / (Posted on 6/19/2019)
Didn't last.
Worn to the rivets at 40k miles.

Note from FM: Clutch wear is highly dependent on proper pedal adjustment (especially when new) and use.
Review by Hogwallop / (Posted on 5/29/2019)
Worth the money but its loud.
I had my happy meal 2 installed by SB GARAGE in san bruno ca. They recommended it and installed many accord to cute female service writer who helped me. Anyhow only complaint I have with my setup is the throwout bearing was going out after a year and a half but again I ride hard daily on my NA. The setup is a lot louder then stock on the deceleration but the trade off launching off the line and going through the gears with Roadster hi mount aftermarket shifter kit is well worth it.
Review by BizzyB / (Posted on 5/23/2019)
I have nearly 20k on this clutch kit on my NB. I have only 1 with this whole kit is the throwout bearing. It’s squeaking like HELL. Louder than my catless exhaust system. Definitely know I have to drop the trans -.-
Review by Adrian / (Posted on 1/9/2019)
Happy Meal
Clutch feels great, engages so much closer to the floor. Lightened flywheel really does make a difference and i'm noticing the car is getting up to speed a lot quicker. Best clutch kit for the mx5 in the world! Highly recommended!!
Review by Jake / (Posted on 5/2/2018)
Great drivability, good assertive pedal pressure, it slips under high load
My clutch slipped on the dyno. It's about a year old with at least two months of downtime. Clutch had about 10,000mi on it.

Note from FM: please contact us with details about this.
Review by Payam / (Posted on 10/27/2017)
Money down the drain
This clutch does not last long at all and I had manual cars for decades. my car doesn't go on the track, only used as a daily driver. no other mods to the engine to increase hp or torque. but it started to slip about a year and a half after install. after talking to the shop that installed it who work on a lot of miatas, they told me they replace many of these "happy" meal kits. I wish I asked them first which clutch to buy before reading all these positive reviews. I am so mad I wasted so much money on this pos. I can no longer trust flyin Miata's products and will stay away from them in the future.
Review by Pissed Off Customer / (Posted on 9/6/2017)
Not so happy meal
I wouldn't buy this or recommend it to anyone. I've only driven manual cars and in 13 years only replaced one clutch on an older Miata. This happy meal kit lasted only 8,000 miles! Less than a year! When it was removed I was told something was wrong with the pressure plate springs. I don't know much about cars but it was installed by a shop that only works on Miata's and I've always trusted them. Ever since it was installed the clutch feels jerky. I thought it was just a new clutch but after I installed a new Mazdaspeed Miata clutch I knew something was wrong with the happy meal kit. So I sent it back so they could check it out. They sent it to the manufacturer and they said nothing was wrong. It looked like a 40k clutch. So I guess they built it to go out at 40k, if that's the case why spend 1200$ on it. Buy something else!

Having said that, flyin Miata has the best customer service, they kept me in the loop the whole time and tried their best to give me some credit. But 20$ doesn't make much of a dent when you spent over 4 grand on a new clutch and voodoo turbo (which I have yet to install and now have to save more money to get it on).

Take a chance, if you want.
Review by Edals k. / (Posted on 7/6/2017)
Can't go wrong for the Price
Ordered the level 2 clutch with the 10lb flywheel.
I have a 01 NB naturally aspirated. I wanted something more aggressive than stock and something that would grab harder than the OEM clutch. This kit is very cheap compared to other clutch packages. The quality is excellent, no complaints. Clutch pedal pressure isn't bad at all for a level 2 pressure plate. After around 300 miles the drivability feels factory, very forgiving. I think this is the best Clutch package for the price for the miata, very pleased with the outcome. Pay attention to the pedal adjustment, that is (Mandatory) to preform after the install. I called them several times when I ran into trouble with the pedal adjustment and they were very kind to help me and answer all my questions extensively.

Review by P00rsche / (Posted on 6/25/2017)
Happy meal, happy driver!
I bought the level 1 clutch and flywheel happy meal when the stock clutch started slipping at 180,000 miles on my 2003 Miata with the hard suspension package. Right after installation the clutch did release close to the floor but after a couple of thousand miles I'm happy to report it releases at a perfectly normal height and the pedal feels the same as the original.
What I like best about the flywheel is it makes the motor more responsive at any RPM and throttle in normal street driving. The balance of the flywheel is great. I may be imagining things but the motor feels smoother at highway speeds.
I'm 57. I had a header, loud exhaust and a Holley intake on my 1976 RX3 30 years ago but didn't feel that it would be age appropriate for me to put a tin can muffler or cold air intake on my Miata. The lightweight flywheel gave me more "zoom zoom" without added exhaust or intake noise.
The car is my daily driver and is still easy to live with. The wife can drive it without problems. I'm glad I made the upgrade and look forward to many more happy miles, maybe 300,000?
Review by Richard / (Posted on 5/20/2017)

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