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FM NA/NB clutch/flywheel Happy Meal

FM NA/NB clutch/flywheel Happy Meal
FM NA/NB clutch/flywheel Happy Meal
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1991 NA6 FM2 Turbo / Happy Meal w/ Lightweight Flywheel
Installed in anticipation of FM2 Turbo. Lightweight flywheel. This setup takes a little bit to re-learn your clutch, as the flywheel carries significantly less rotating mass. Once familiar, it makes for some great shifts, and I never had an issue with 205WHP. Like all FM products, kit was complete and high quality.
Review by Matthew / (Posted on 2/18/2020)
Great clutch, solid customer support, not a company that rushes you when you need to ask a question.
At first I put this clutch in I couldn’t get the adjustment to match how my OEM one performed. It felt “notchy” during a spirited shift. I battled with it and had to take a break as 5th gear went out on me one week later (older trans was tired). Replaced my trans and went back to the drawing board with adjustment. Still I could not have it set to where I had a .2”-.5” of pedal free play and full disengagement. Called flying miata as they were closing yet their tech stayed on the phone with me with no rushing to listen and talk with me of every scenario I have tried at this point. I set me pedal height back to stock and actually turned my pushrod to the clutch master cylinder to where I had no more free play, tried to manually push my slave cylinder in at the trans and kept tightening until it would not push in. After that I backed out just a hair and though I had no more free play. It was where this clutch likes to be. The flying Miata tech stayed on the phone the whole time as well. These guys are great, I see some mixed reviews on certain people post and feel bad for them since Iv has nothing but great things out of mine. Thanks again flying Miata!!
Review by Richard / (Posted on 12/20/2019)
Great clutch besides THROW OUT BEARING!
Great clamping force, but I will say I contacted them about the throw out bearing inner diameter being way out of tolerance. Response I got was we've been selling these for years and never heard of this, there must be something wrong with your transmission. I even change my transmission. NOW AS A RESULT MY CLUTCH BASICALLY HAS 180 DEGREES OF WORN SUFFACE AND 180 DEGREES OF BARLEY TOUCHED. DISC,PRESSURE PLATE FRICTION SIDE AND FINGERS AND FLYWHEEL. So if your still interested in this clutch do your self a favor and put the throw out bearing on the transmission and feel the play in compared to your old worn out throw out bearing.
Review by Turbokingzilla / (Posted on 10/30/2019)
How is it this good?
Ok, so this is my first upgraded clutch. I've done a stock replacement on a ranger a couple years back. But WOW this install was easy. Having everything packaged together like this made the purchasing process so much easier then last time. And while I haven't gotten past the break in period I'm impressed by how smooth and quick my car revs and shifts now. I tought aftermarket clutches were going to be heavy, clunky, and only good for significant increases im power, but now my mind is changed. It feels amazing at stock power and is a perfect upgrade
Review by Bruce / (Posted on 6/19/2019)
Didn't last.
Worn to the rivets at 40k miles.

Note from FM: Clutch wear is highly dependent on proper pedal adjustment (especially when new) and use.
Review by Hogwallop / (Posted on 5/29/2019)
Worth the money but its loud.
I had my happy meal 2 installed by SB GARAGE in san bruno ca. They recommended it and installed many accord to cute female service writer who helped me. Anyhow only complaint I have with my setup is the throwout bearing was going out after a year and a half but again I ride hard daily on my NA. The setup is a lot louder then stock on the deceleration but the trade off launching off the line and going through the gears with Roadster hi mount aftermarket shifter kit is well worth it.
Review by BizzyB / (Posted on 5/23/2019)
I have nearly 20k on this clutch kit on my NB. I have only 1 with this whole kit is the throwout bearing. It’s squeaking like HELL. Louder than my catless exhaust system. Definitely know I have to drop the trans -.-
Review by Adrian / (Posted on 1/9/2019)
Happy Meal
Clutch feels great, engages so much closer to the floor. Lightened flywheel really does make a difference and i'm noticing the car is getting up to speed a lot quicker. Best clutch kit for the mx5 in the world! Highly recommended!!
Review by Jake / (Posted on 5/2/2018)
Great drivability, good assertive pedal pressure, it slips under high load
My clutch slipped on the dyno. It's about a year old with at least two months of downtime. Clutch had about 10,000mi on it.

Note from FM: please contact us with details about this.
Review by Payam / (Posted on 10/27/2017)
Money down the drain
This clutch does not last long at all and I had manual cars for decades. my car doesn't go on the track, only used as a daily driver. no other mods to the engine to increase hp or torque. but it started to slip about a year and a half after install. after talking to the shop that installed it who work on a lot of miatas, they told me they replace many of these "happy" meal kits. I wish I asked them first which clutch to buy before reading all these positive reviews. I am so mad I wasted so much money on this pos. I can no longer trust flyin Miata's products and will stay away from them in the future.
Review by Pissed Off Customer / (Posted on 9/6/2017)

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