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FM Adjustable rear upper control arms (pair)

Paco control arms
FM Adjustable rear upper control arms (pair)

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4 Item(s)

not great for the price
After about a year they are completely rusty and were very hard to adjust after being pretty much completely siezed.
Review by Alex / (Posted on 11/22/2018)
Nice, but could be nicer.
It would be nice if these could be adjusted by simply turning the screw with everything assembled - much like an adjustable sway bar end link. It's not exactly "quick and easy" during a garage alignment job to jack up the car, pull the wheel, unbolt the upright, then spin the adjuster! That being said, these are a great way to achieve a very broad range of camber settings on the rears.

(Note from Flyin' Miata: a turnbuckle style of adjustment wouldn't package well, we tested it. This way, there is also no way for the adjustment to slip.)
Review by Nathan / (Posted on 11/4/2016)
Great design for quick and repeatable adjustments.
Great idea for easily changing alignment from street to track. Hopefully the savings in tire wear will eventually pay for the arms.
The bushings fit exactly like the stock arms although both were a little too tight. A little sanding on the urethane bore and ends got just enough relief to swing the arms up for adjustment. I also replaced one of the lower cam bolts with a fixed plate so I wouldn't have to worry about it moving. That just left one cam bolt for toe on each side.
Review by John / (Posted on 1/11/2016)
Price is a little steep for someone on a budget but this opens up a WIDE spectrum of chamber adjustment for the rear!
Would have been more comfortable with a 200-250 price range but I couldn't argue the ability to have a nearly total adjustable rear suspension!

My only gripe with these are how generic they are; they are not accepting of a wide variety of bushs like the OE units are. I'm using Super Pro poly. bushes and they wouldn't seat properly until I shaved some material away from these control-arms to allow them to accommodate the bevel on the bushs. Even after doing that and having them seat as flush as possible, the bearing still sits just inside the bushs and as a result, the bush itself contacts the mounting point and makes the upper arm nearly impossible to move by hand.

Other than that, great product and now my lowered NA no longer looks like it was stepped on by a giant!
At the time of this post, I've had them on the car for the past 3 months which is my DD car.
Review by Evan L. / (Posted on 10/23/2015)

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