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Flyin' Miata Stage 1 turbo system for NB chassis

The stock MAF will be installed in place of the silver pipe on the air filter.
Flyin' Miata Stage 1 turbo system for NB chassis

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7 Item(s)

Great Father / Son Project
What a terrific Father/Son Project for my kids NB!! Having researched boosting an NB to death I was confident I could piece meal the project all on my own and save a ton of money. But when I started second guessing myself, I decided to take a chance and pull the trigger on the FM Stage 1 kit and boy was I glad I did.

You truly get what you pay for. Not only is the quality of the major components TOP NOTCH but the kit included every single nut, bolt, and zip tie needed. Not to mention a step by step by installation manual complete with photos.

But best of all, and I cannot emphasize this enough, is the phone support. The FM Technical support team was right there with me every step of the way. I must have called them a dozen times day one of the project. There was no waiting, I got through in moments, and they knew exactly what I was describing and walked me through ever step. It was as if they were right there with me in the garage.

We completed the installation over a 3-day weekend. The car has been running flawlessly for 2 months now and we couldn’t be happier. The Stage 1 kit adds just the right amount of power to make the car fun but not dangerous. And judging by my wideband display (purchased separately) piggy back fuel management is keeping the AFR’s in the green, safe, and reliable.

I can’t thank you enough Flying Miata!!!
Review by Bob / (Posted on 3/25/2019)
I drove my 2001 Miata for a year everyday to work and it never had any problems. I put 12,000 miles on the car that year and was amazed at the reliability of the FM turbo system. You don't get any better than this system!
Review by Fred / (Posted on 12/14/2017)
Review by Mrdrtrainackmin / (Posted on 8/13/2017)
Flyin' Miata personnel and the results of their work are Oustanding!
Flyin' Miata recently installed their Voodoo II Turbocharger Kit in my 2003 Miata, also upgrading the clutch and radiator to accommodate the increased engine torque and energy. Smaller additional equipment replacements were recommended and accepted to assure engine endurance. Thoroughly pleased with the results of the installation of turbocharger and other upgrades, including the clutch which now operates perfectly smoothly and effectively without any slipping or grabbing, and the Miata's acceleration is nothing short of amazing! Everyone at Flyin' Miata, from initial phone call to ordering the equipment and scheduling the installation, to Miata drop off and pick up at Flyin' Miata in Palisade, were thoroughly informative, helpful, and a pleasure talk with. I should have had Flyin' Miata do this installation 10 years ago! An amazing experience in all regards.
Review by Mike / (Posted on 11/14/2016)
Awesome kit, awesome results!
It took about two weeks to finish the build. I took my time to make sure everything was done clean and correctly. I had to call the tech support a couple times. They were very helpful and gave me some very useful tips.

I have never done anything of this scale before. Back in the day I did brakes, exhaust, clutch but that's about it. The more tools you have the better. There isn't much room to navigate most places so universals, extensions, adapters, low profile gear wrenches, etc. will more than pay for themselves in time saved.

Considering how difficult it is to describe everything I have to say the instructions were very good.

The kit was complete, no missing parts. I was a bit nervous starting it up the first time. Seemed like it took forever to prime the turbo but call to tech support assured me it does take some time to build up oil pressure without starting the engine.

Car started right up, idled well. Didn't even have to adjust the voodoo box, AFR was right in spec out of the box. No leaks either!

It doesn't feel like the same car. Used to be 0-60 was "whenever" now it comes so fast (guessing around 6 sec) you can't believe it.

I have boost set on the lowest level and stock everything. Not wanting to have the fastest car in town, just wanted some extra zoom! Got that and more! This car is quick now.

Highly recommended.
Review by David / (Posted on 11/8/2016)
This kit is awesome
I have a 2002 Miata. I have to say after almost a six months of research on turbo kits, it was apparent that Flyin Miata was the way to go. I am more than happy to say that this Voodoo kit was the way to go. It took me exactly a week to install this kit with a few friends that have expierence with turbos. The instructions were wonderful and very clear. As far as the Voodoo box goes it's extremely is to figure out and tune. I am very pleased with this kit and very pleased with the power increase. I would definitely recommend any of Flyin Miatas kits. The kits come with every thing you need, literally. If you are serious about boosting your Miata and you want to do it the right way, go with Flyin Miata.
Review by Dan / (Posted on 8/31/2016)
Very happy with the power boost even with the smaller turbo.
After 5 years, the soft lines for coolant blew. Replaced with hard lines in a Saturday. Been running strong for 3 years since.
Review by stapedium / (Posted on 6/14/2016)

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