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FM II turbo system for NB chassis

FM II turbo system for NB chassis
FM II turbo system for NB chassis

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3 Item(s)

Like a new car - a really fast one.
This is not a power upgrade. This is a different car. I am running the FMII kit on a 99 car with standard exhaust. My daily driver is a '16 Subaru STI, and i dare say this thing is faster. Every time I goose it a bit over 3500 RPM, i giggle like a schoolgirl. Best parts money you'll ever spend.
Review by Proppelaar / (Posted on 12/18/2017)
Kick Ass
I just wanted to add a review for this product. My name is Rick Morley and I have a 2001 Miata LS 6 speed. The first thing i want to say is Jeremy is OH MY GOD GREAT! I was having some problems and i ran these test on my Hydra and he told exactly what was wrong. I had a vacuum line hooked up in the wrong place. I fixed it and ran like a champ!!! I bought the whole kit from big brakes coil overs and bigger sway bars. That in its self was huge. I cant say enough about this package the car handled in a canyon that I drive all the time it was like I was in a small go cart.!!!!! I also got 3 inch exhaust and the hippo clutch now I am a muscle car guy the hippo clutch was very hard back in the day to push in and hold it. This one I cant tell a difference on pressure. I also purchased the FM II turbo and the Hydra with 700 cc injectors. I have been driving the car for a month now. This is what I have learned if emissions are evolved it will pass with flying colors with everything i talked about but the 700cc injectors I am not sure about the computer. So if you like banging 2nd gear and going sideways you will love this product. So It handles 5 Star Sounds like 5 Star The engine and power 5 Star. I really love my car with the extra power and handling. I have 15,000.00 in my car now and you can't buy any car for 15,000.00 with this performance. I give it 5 stars.
Review by Rick / (Posted on 7/22/2017)
Without a doubt the best system on the market
I am absolutely blown away.
I purchased a 1999 NB a few years ago as my daily and always had this dream of slapping a turbocharger on it. I did quite a bit of research and looked at a couple different options for the car. I chose this one for a few reasons:

-The Garrett turbo is both oil and water cooled so it will run cooler and last longer and it has a high quality bearing.
-I've ordered from FM in the past and they definitely know what they're talking about.
-This kit had advertised power figures that were rather attractive.
-This kit definitely seemed to be very complete and well put together. This obviously wasn't just a bunch of parts that they slapped together in an effort to up-sell a turbocharger.

Once I got my kit I took a long weekend to do the installation. I have a great deal of mechanical background as well as engineering background so I decided to install it myself rather than paying a speed shop to do the work. I was incredibly impressed with the instructions that had been provided. They were available on the website but I also received a color-printed, spiral bound booklet with the instructions. It also came with one for the ECU instructions (Hydra Nemesis 2.7). The instructions were delightfully clear and expertly coordinated. It was obvious to me that they assembled these instructions after doing the job a few times on different cars and included tips and tricks specific to Miatas that may have higher mileage and helpful things like that.

The parts were shipped and packaged well. I am in the aftermarket auto parts industry so I know how huge it is to have parts arrive packaged well and unharmed. Every one of the parts was made to a degree of excellent manufacturing. It was all clean, smooth with no harsh injection seams or anything like that, and a lot of the parts were nicely engraved with 'Flyin' Miata' or 'FM.'

When they advertise that this is a complete kit, they mean that it comes with EVERYTHING you need. It even came with some of the specialty tools that were necessary for tapping the sump etc. I didn't have to go to the hardware store once for even a single nut or bolt. Again, blown away.

From the second that I pressed the 'Place Order' button, I knew that FM was right there for support. I've ordered parts in the past where it seems like as soon as they have your money, you're totally on your own. Not the case with FM - I received a welcome email thanking me for my purchase, as well as the instructions attached to the email and tons of resources for getting help with the install and tuning processes. They were very upfront and were detailed in their communication. After it had shipped I was sent even more information about my kit, and then a few weeks after I received it they had given me a follow up call just to see how it was going!

After a few days of long nights, scraped knuckles, and ample cursing, I was ready to start her up. I turned the key over and suddenly everything okay. It worked perfectly. Few times in my life have I been happier than that morning. After I let everything warm up and checked for leaks and the sort, I took it out for a spin. Talk about noticeable power gain; with just the base map that they had sent me, I was making 201 rwhp. That's crazy for a base map! I took it to a local shop and they got me to 285 rwhp, but we stepped it down to 251 rwhp to make it fun, but mechanically safe. The Miata, which was already great to drive, is now just loads of fun through and through.

I have been driving this setup as my daily, for about six months now, and have put about 8,000 miles on it and it is still running like an absolute beauty. I've taken it to the drag strip a few times, had it in a few autocross events, and have been getting on it in general (because, you just have to with this car) and it hasn't shown a single sign of wear.

Flyin' Miata, you have absolutely knocked it out of the park with this one. I am truly proud to wear the Flyin' Miata brand on my Miata.

A word to any prospective customer: Buy this kit now! You certainly will never regret it.
Review by HaddadNJ / (Posted on 11/22/2015)

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