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Master cylinder brace (stainless)

Now made from stainless steel!
Master cylinder brace (stainless)
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Stiffer brake pedal
After installing braided brake lines on my 99 and bleeding the brakes the pedal still felt mushy

The installation of this brace was straight forward and just had to trim the tab on the washer bottle. Put a dab of RTV on the pad that hits the back of the master cyl and then enjoy the stiffer firewall and firm pedal
Review by Chris / (Posted on 6/29/2019)
Buy it now! Best mod ever
Easily among the best mods I've ever bought for any car, ever, and I recommend this to every single Miata person I find; these do SO MUCH to improve pedal feel and modulation, and it's such an affordable, yet high quality, part that installs in minutes.
Review by Matt / (Posted on 6/5/2019)
good part
Nice part, fit well and helped alot for hard stops at the track
Review by gregg / (Posted on 6/18/2018)
One of my favorite cheap mods
Already having stainless lines and some decent pads on my car, I was at first a little skeptical about this bracing. Street driving for my 97 the difference isn't too noticeable -- however that changes drastically when you find your favorite stretch of road. I instantly noticed a quicker bite to the brakes at the limit, it's flipping awesome. I'm not going to lie, this is probably a top 5 favorite and easy mod.
Review by M@ / (Posted on 4/28/2018)
Make sure that your car has the threaded lower mount point before buying!
I'm sure this is a great product if it fits your car, however, for whatever reason my car does not have the lower mounting hole for this part. I was very disappointed. I will have to either drill and tap a hole or figure out another option.
Review by A. Jones / (Posted on 4/4/2018)
Must have brake ADDITION
5 minutes to install, quality built product, and impressive difference. You will notice a much firmer brake pedal now matter your current setup
Review by Joel / (Posted on 8/1/2017)
Great piece, I love it.
Awesome piece. I noticed the difference in pedal firmness before I got out of the driveway. I purchased new pads, rotors, and stainless steel lines and had them installed with a fluid flush by a reputable shop, and was disappointed at the lack of change in pedal feel. After some research I decided to give this piece a try.

The difference is incredible. My confidence has increased and and modulability is as good as I could hope for.
Review by Eric Siedlecki / (Posted on 3/28/2017)
Great Fast Mod
This is a relatively cheap modification and it does a whole lot to your feel. I had to remove the washer fluid bottle to fit it in my NB, but I believe that it was well worth it.
Review by Dudsap / (Posted on 2/28/2017)
Good product. Be careful with allen bolt
Works as advertised. I would recommend changing the allen head screw for a shouldered hex head. The brake lines kept my allen wrench offline and it partially stripped the socket. Will need to grind head off to remove when I install a shock tower brace.
Review by gpfan1 / (Posted on 9/27/2016)
Better pedals all around
Made a world of difference in the feel of the brake pedal and in the braking. Also, shifts are crisper and smoother with less flex in the firewall. Noticed that before the brakes.
Review by magnethead / (Posted on 7/6/2016)

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