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Stage 1 Flyin Miata airflow kit (NA8)

Stage 1 Flyin Miata airflow kit (NA8)
Stage 1 Flyin Miata airflow kit (NA8)
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2 Item(s)

Good value
A very good system, moves a lot more air over stock... only real complaint are the nuts on the shroud... they are crimped to provide a locking function, but the crimp is far too tight which makes bolting the fans very very difficult... despite careful application of oil and torque, one of the 8 nuts broke free due to the excess force necessary to tighten it. Also, please note that on my NA, the fans are wired and controlled separately... the passenger side fan is A/C condenser linked and does not come on except under extreme situations or running the A/C... no overheating issues have been seen so I happy...

Note from FM: on the NA8, the fans are both controlled by the ECU. The secondary fan is only turned on when needed - that's either when the AC is on or when the engine temps continue to rise beyond a certain threshold. Thanks for the feedback about the nuts, it sounds as if something was not right there.
Review by Peter G. / (Posted on 5/28/2020)
Well worth the cost
Used Koyo aluminum radiator mated with the stage 1 airflow kit. Love the fans right from the beginning. They are fairly loud and when they engage the idle does drop a bit but it's nothing that a more powerful alternator cant fix. These fans move a lot of air. Just be sure to check if the fans are pulling vs pushing air. I had to de-pin a connector on AC side to flip the wires because I noticed that fan was pulling from in the engine bay while the other was pushing. I used oem connectors not the ones that came with this kit just for preference. Overall, I am happy with the quality and performance.
Review by Ahmad / (Posted on 5/9/2020)

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