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FM turbo hush kit for NB

FM turbo hush kit for NB
FM turbo hush kit for NB
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2 Item(s)

Great idea, great concept but didn't work to well in my application as the fitment of the lid along with the foam provided, appeared to impede my air filter. The plus side, the lid did come with the mounting hardware but would recommend (1) of them to be
FM Turbo Hush Kit arrived as described but did not fit my FM airbox as its shown in the photos. Unsure if I have an "older" version of the airbox but it appeared to be substantially smaller with a larger gap towards the fender. Given, the provided weather strip installed as shown, it still has around 1/2" gap. Additionally, I installed the "foam" inside the airbox along with the lid as described in the instructions but elected to remove it as it visually looked like it would impede airflow. Multiple test fits with rearranging the turbine outlet and filter with no luck getting it not to impede. I ended up removing all the foam inside the airbox.

Note from FM: We have dyno tested this setup, the foam does not impede airflow or cause any power loss.
Review by Eric D / (Posted on 1/27/2020)
Functionally Great, but Has Other Issues
I really like the function of this product. However, are a few things you should be aware of that Flyin Miata doesn't exactly make clear.

First, the finish is not the smooth finish they show in the picture, it's very rough with deep gouging and just looks terrible. I had to sand it down myself to look halfway decent but it still doesn't look nearly as good as if it were done in a sheet metal shop.

It's also a pretty DIY kit. You will have to trace and cut the foam and rubber edging yourself. Not a big deal, but it would be nice if they made that clear. Just a picture of what you are getting would be nice.

Lastly, whoever selected the hardware for this should be flogged. There's no logical easy way to access all the fasteners. They just give you loose nuts and bolts. No way to access the nuts with the lid and shield in place. So you'd have to bolt it all together first, but then how do you access the inner bolt to secure the shield? Or get the filter on? I'm really curious what they expect you to do. Regardless, the best solution IMO, and what I did was to install three M6 rivnuts in the shield. Then it's really easy to get the lid off

Anyway, despite all that it's a great product. I basically hear no intake noise now except I have my bypass valve going VTA. I bet if I recirculated the bypass it would only be exhaust you could hear. The foam on the lid does touch the top of the filter but I have not noticed any affect on tuning or performance.

Note from FM: the kit is supposed to come with nut clips, not loose nuts. This makes it easy to assemble. If you order one of these kits and it does not come with the clips, please contact us.
Review by Jimbo / (Posted on 4/2/2017)

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