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Flyin' Miata 1990-05 shock tower brace

Flyin' Miata 1990-05 shock tower brace
Flyin' Miata 1990-05 shock tower brace
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Not bad, not a miracle
Before purchasing, research I did in the miata community lead me to believe STBs were either a huge waste of money or the miracle cure for cowl shake. I think this one fits somewhere in the middle. Quality is excellent, no bending this sucker. Install was extremely easy (even my '94 with having to re-route the cruise control). My impression after 50 or so miles of test driving on Wisconsin's crappy roads it is a decent upgrade if you have money to spare and are looking to reduce cowl shake a bit with a simple upgrade. It wasn't quite as awesome as the prior review made it out to be. I would say 25% reduction in cowl shake. Did not notice any change in handling, but frankly you shouldn't expect it with a STB on a miata.
Review by Ryan / (Posted on 6/17/2015)
great product for my miata
right out of the box the brace looked very nice, took about 15 minuted to install ,it was very easy,i noticed a difference right away as soon as i backed out of the driveway.the car would shake going over the railroad tracks by my house and it seemed like the car would jump over about 4 inches. now it rolls right over the tracks and doesn't rattle your teeth like it used to. the car now goes where you point it, the brace made the car handle a lot better than without any brace, i would recommend this brace for any car that doesn't have one.
Review by comatoast59 / (Posted on 5/12/2015)

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