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FM crossflow radiator (NB fan mounts)

Shown without fan mounting brackets (included)
FM crossflow radiator (NB fan mounts)
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5 Item(s)

Cured an overheating track MSM
I bought this radiator and stage2 fan kit in the attempt to solve my overheating issues on the track with my MSM. I previously had a Koyorad which was great on the street and stop/start traffic but didn't last 3 laps on track before I had to do a cool down lap (this was fully ducted as well).
To say I'm happy with the crossflow is an understatement! On a tight track, dual entered car pushing hard, the coolant temp now runs 10 degrees C cooler after 4 hard laps compared to the Koyo and the gauge didn't budge above 95Degrees C for the rest of the session. (The Koyo would hit 105-110C by lap 4).
No longer do I need to keep a concerned eye on the temp gauge on track or loose a lap backing off.
If you are having temp issues on the track, this radiator is the one!

However, the reason I didn't give 5 stars is because of some fitment issues. Following the instructions was simple and easy to do with the adjustment required for the AC lines and AC condenser (I just hammered the top condenser mounts forward a little to create the required gap, fits perfect). The main issue I had was the fan boss mounting, specifically the one right next to the inlet. The boss is so close to the inlet that there's barely enough room to get the hose on, let alone the clamp. For a radiator and shroud in this price point, it required some trimming, swearing and force which was disappointing. The fan shroud mounting hole there had to be trimmed back so it didn't poked out pass the mounting boss into the side of the hose. The bolt head also pushes slightly into the rubber hose it's that close and I had to lube up the hose to slide/wedge the clamp between the hose and the mounting boss. I would recommend putting the hose and clamp on first and then fitting the spacers and shroud before putting it in the car. There is no way you can get the clamp on when the spacers and shroud is bolted up.
This was the most time consuming and stressful part of the install.
If the inlet pipe was moved across even just 5mm, there wouldn't be any issues. Some more simple shroud trimming was also required near the filler neck and one of the bottom boss holes had to be elongated.
Other than that the radiator runs great and it's finally solved my heat issues on the race track. The little air bleed valves on the top are a nice touch too.
Fix the inlet pipe - mounting boss gap and it would be an easy 5/5
Review by Josh / (Posted on 8/19/2018)
The Little Enchilada, Crossflow Radiator and Stage 1 Fan Kit Work Well as a Package
Received and installed radiator, stage 1 fans, and the Little Enchilada. Radiator was leaking upon install. Had to return it to the manufacturer (not Flying Miata) at no cost to me. Mfg could find nothing wrong but I had the pictures to prove the leak. Flying Miata agreed to have the manufacturer send them the original radiator and then FM sent me a new one. Installed the new radiator and it was great .. until I got the car up to highway speeds for 15 minutes or so. Then the car over heated. Upon inspection, it turned out that one of the fans was spinning in the wrong direction. Once corrected, no more overheating. As a result, save yourself some aggravation and BE CERTAIN the fans are working the way they are supposed to! The car is really a blast to drive now. The only reason I did not give this a 5 star rating was due to the little issue with the first radiator. It should be noted that Flying Miata sales and tech support folks were great to work with a along the way. They were courteous, helpful in every way, and very knowledgeable.
Review by BeaRose / (Posted on 6/8/2018)
Not easy, doesn't fit, poor quality control, and poor engineering
I bought the cross flow radiator after talking to the sales rep.
Well, I learned my lesson, don't listen to the saleswoman on the phone; either read the installation instructions closely before buying or just don't trust Flyin Miata!
I was told that the shroud would bolt up fine, and the radiator would drop in, and only required one minor cutting on the stock fan shroud. This should be a 15min radiator job, instead I am finding a multi hour hack job to get a very poor design to force fit.
The radiators bosses DO NOT align with the stock fan shroud. The holes don't line up and the whole plastic structure has to be twisted to fit on.
Improve the boss location fixture and quality control!
Instead of cutting in one corner as told by phone; 3 corners of the stock fan shroud had to be hacked up.

In the top right corner, how is the hose supposed to fit over the port and squeeze between the boss mounting? Am I supposed to lose another boss mounting on this hack job of a radiator?

Power steering hoses have to be hacked up and mounting brackets redrilled on the fly. As an added the bonus, this moves the hard lines too close to the bracket edging. So I am sure a great wear point will now develop over time!

The radiator is not compatible with the A/C condenser at all.
No amount of bending and hacking is going to get this thing in front of the bracket as instructed. It will not go.

The only other option is to put one corner in front of the bracket and the other corner behind the bracket. Thus introducing a twisted form to the aluminum cooler of a high pressure pump. Surely no fatigue cracks will result from this hack job. [sarcasm]

This product is not for an easy install, it does not fit, has poor quality control, and poor engineering. DO NOT BUY if you want a reliable daily driver.
Review by Drew / (Posted on 12/16/2017)
Rescinding previous review
Less than three years is the lifespan on this. I cannot find a way to edit my last review so I'm submitting this one. Over 550 (with shipping) for this, and it lasts less than 3 years. Yeah 2 year warranty. I'm willing to admit that. But if you're spending this much money on a radiator, you would expect it to last a long time. Replaced this waste of money with a mishimoto from amazon with a lifetime warranty($250 vs $550. It may not be as scientifically efficient as this one, but this one doesn't do you any good when it's leaking 2 gallons of coolant every 50 miles. And don't bother with FM customer service on a failure. I sent an email 3 weeks ago with pictures and a detailed outline of this failure. Not even a response, automatEd or otherwise. I won't be purchasing anything from this company again. Always thought FM to be the holy grail of miata owners, where their parts are premium and backed by premium guarantees for their premium prices. Nope.

Note from FM: After we spoke with Xoe, it was determined the email to us was never actually sent. Also, we recommend the use of distilled water in our (and all other) aluminum radiators to prevent failures.
Review by Xoe / (Posted on 10/28/2016)
Great cooling solution
This radiator is much more efficient than the tiny stock radiator. I had issues with the engine temp climbing when heavy into the RPM's. This solved it. I don't think I'll have another cooling issue. My only installation issue, I had to modify the stock lower mount to fit the lower hose. It would have rubbed. 5 minutes with an angle grinder. Not a big issue. Didn't have to modify anything else aside from the upper hose as stated in description. This is not a cheap piece. Very high quality manufactured radiator.
Review by Xoe / (Posted on 4/30/2016)

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