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FM Level 1 clutch

FM Level 1 clutch
FM Level 1 clutch
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Very happy, Thanks
Great product, excellent support and instructions.
Review by Kevin / (Posted on 7/11/2019)
Great product
My 03 Miata was a nightmare to drive. The clutch would not engage smoothly unless you really revel the engine and slipped the clutch. After much research I found the solution to be the original friction disc is too sticky or aggressive. I purchased this kit and am totally satisfied as my car is once again a joy to drive. By the way my car only had 59000 miles and the clutch was not worn out. Also the adjustment instructions were spot on....great product!
Review by GJ / (Posted on 12/7/2018)
Very smooth and firm engagement.
I've run about 5 tanks of gas and done a couple autocrosses on the new clutch. Feels like stock (with very slightly tougher pedal) and LOCKS when you release it. The pedal is firmer than a stock accord and much lighter than a stock mazda5. Very smooth engagement even with a light flywheel. Gotta be a bit more careful through the friction zone since it grabs so hard once you fully release it. But it’s so smooth and linear that it’s really not a problem.

There is a new noise at around 2800rpm on decel probably due to the lightweight flywheel I installed at the same time as this. But it's not very loud and I don't mind it.

My car is at stock power levels but I'm planning to boost in the future.
Review by NotAHairdresser / (Posted on 6/13/2018)
Worth the money!
I purchased this Level 1 kit this past August of 2017 and I've put about 3,000+ miles within the time and so far its been holding up very well. The pedal is light, grabs very hard, and feels like stock but just a bit smoother. Also, I'm using my stock flywheel which I got resurfaced and yet its doing it job with no issues. Overall, I recommend this to anyone with a stock motor or running some boost. You won't be disappointed.
Review by Andy / (Posted on 6/2/2018)
Best engagement of any Miata clutch!
My 04 was getting a new Mazda 5-speed put in it at my local dealership and while replacing the transmission I figured I might as well spring for the FM clutch. During the installation there was an issue, so I called Mike with FM tech support and he helped my tech diagnose what the issue was (faulty new slave cylinder). Mike had incredible customer service and was extremely knowledgable and helpful.
I couldn't be happier with my decision, I had just put a new Exedy clutch in it about 15k miles ago but it always felt spongy, and created a ton of shudder, the FM clutch makes the car feel brand new. The engagement is incredibly close to the floor compared to my last two clutches that engaged near the pedal release point. The car will eventually get the FMII kit thrown on it so I am happy to have a great feeling clutch that will be able to handle the extra torque.
Review by jpierce / (Posted on 9/29/2017)
Better than the 2002 stock clutch...WAY better.
Picked up a stage 1 a while ago after experiencing occasional clutch shudder on my 2002 that I purchased with 26K miles. Research indicated this was a common problem with 01 and 02 5-speeds. I didn't install the new clutch right away because the old one had so few miles on it and the shudder was only occasional. But it gradually got more severe when it happened. So a couple weeks ago the Stage 1 FM clutch went in.

What a difference. Not only have I had zero clutch shudder (which I expected) but engagement is way smoother than it was with the old clutch. If the pedal effort is any greater than stock, I can't tell. And the rattle common with many aftermarket clutches is completely absent.
Review by Mike in Long Beach / (Posted on 8/7/2017)
It's hard to believe how much torque this clutch is rated at, especially after you feel it.
The biting point is very close to the floor, but once you get used to it, it is a very easy to use clutch that isn't very heavy.
Review by Dudsap / (Posted on 2/28/2017)
Stock feel but holds superior
Worth every penny! Great clutch feels like stock but has all the grab you will need. Could not be happier. Buy this clutch you will not regret it. Thanks Flyin Miata!
Review by Yaz / (Posted on 10/10/2016)
Well balanced clutch.
Overall fantastic clutch, 2 yrs and still going strong, (NOT Recommended nore condone this action but... ) has gone under the stress of pulling a 1300 lb uhaul trailer from Texas to Georgia(a year ago) Smooth engagement, able to handle launching pretty well. I am running about 200 at the wheels with current modifications and has not failed. I am very pleased with this clutch, current mileage on clutch - 32k, Used as a Daily and spirited runs in the mountains.
Review by Ryno / (Posted on 9/25/2016)
Best all around kit for the Miata
Other vendors offer overly aggressive clutches that require the strength of Thor to push in the clutch pedal. FM has answered with just as much torque holding ability and a very stock clutch pedal feel. Look at the other clutches, look at the torque they hold few out there hold as much and none of them drive as well. PERIOD.
Review by Mostlymiata.net / (Posted on 7/22/2016)

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