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NB Flyin' Miata naturally aspirated exhaust

NB Flyin' Miata naturally aspirated exhaust
NB Flyin' Miata naturally aspirated exhaust
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4 Item(s)

I bought the muffler and midpipe setup for my totally stock 1999 miata. This setup is QUIET. If you are expecting to get really throaty tones or volume whatsoever without headers, look elsewhere! It gives it some tone, but almost NO volume. NOT. a loud setup. not even a medium setup. a very quiet setup.
Review by Aaron / (Posted on 3/4/2019)
Great Throaty Growl
Bought this along with the cat+midpipe package, I'm waiting till the headers come back in stock. The car definitely breathes more easily and sounds great. I don't know if it's the muffler or the cat/midpipe (likely a combo of both), but the car sounds a LOT meaner than before, through all the rev range. Puts up a great roar higher rpms, seems to slack a bit between 2.5k and 3.8k. (It's so hard not to floor it up to 6.5k rpm on the straights now cause it sounds so good up there, though!) My only sound-related complaint is that it has a great deep bassy drone under 2.5k rpm with the top down. It's not as bad when you're outside of the cabin, but when you're in there and need to prowl at low rpm, better put the top up unless you want subwoofer in your ear. Again, this could be because of the cat/midpipe with stock headers. Dunno. Still, it IS kinda fun having that low boom. Hope I don't get a ticket :P

Install and Packaging: I was really impressed with the packaging. Moulded foam pieces and all. Shiny as chrome out of the box. It fits perfectly with the FM midpipe's end, can't say about stock. And it fits PERFECTLY in the nook in the bumper! Like, RIGHT THERE! It doesn't stick out obnoxiously, either. Great, great fit.

So, good sound (just loud cabin at low rpm), good fit and install. Absolutely no regret purchasing.
Review by Wyindy / (Posted on 5/24/2018)
I was amazaed at the quality of the compenents, particulary the welds. Installatin was about half hour job, including chaing all 4 hangesres with polyurethane hangesrs. The big suprise, is that the tail pipe exited exactly at the opeing in the body. PERFECT. The second big suprise is that the sound is in the lower register so it won't give you a headache or a ticket. Doesn't sound like those rice mills that are front wheel drive and sound like a bag of angry bees. This an A+ product and would recommend it, with the poly hangers to anyone with a MX-5. Fast delivery too.
Review by topdogue / (Posted on 11/25/2016)
Quality product as usual
Already had the racing beat header so I just needed to order the muffler and midpipe. Sounds so good, Highly recommend getting the full FM exhaust. Def feel a power difference in my 99
Review by CRNRHRD / (Posted on 4/17/2016)

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