Flyin' Miata and the Targa Newfoundland

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The Targa Miata
The Targa Miata was originally built from a bare shell specifically for the Targa Newfoundland. It was built to run in the "Modern Modified Small" class, which required the use of the stock engine block and no forced induction. So it was built with a high compression stroker engine from Flyin' Miata, and proved to be a quick car. The rules in 2008 included handicapping so that all cars could compete for the win. The car won its class and came in 16th overall.

In 2011, that handicapping is gone. Since we were no longer constrained by engine limits, we decided to run for the overall win. That means the car is going to get a massive horsepower injection in the form of a Chevy V8. The excellent AFCO suspension that was developed on the car will remain, as it's the handling of the little car that let it do so well last time.

The original build of the Targa car and 2008 race report

Current status

2010 car specification
(subject to change)

1994 R Package. Mostly. Well, the body shell anyhow.

L33 V8 engine: all aluminum block, 5.3l displacement
LS6 heads and intake manifold
V8R Spec camshaft
T56 transmission
Getrag limited slip rear
V8 Roadsters conversion kit

seam-welded shell
Hard Dog Spec Miata cage (modified for rally use)
Flyin' Miata AFCO suspension, 550 lb front springs, 450 lb springs rear
V8Roadster lower front and upper rear control arms
Flyin' Miata four-wheel big brake kit
cockpit-adjustable brake bias
wheels and tires to be decided

stripped interior
Corbeau FX1 Pro seats with Backsaver memory foam inserts
Coralba rally computer
Peltor in-car intercom
Camelbak Unbottles for crew hydration