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Flyin' Miata and the Targa Newfoundland

The video!

We've been lucky enough to attract the attention of Adam Costa from the Lone Wolf documentary group. He's a serial Miata owner and enthusiast who produced the Speed Science documentary on the Science Channel. He's going to be following the team during the race, documenting the whole event. He's really taken by the fact that we're supported by the Miata community. You can see the preview above.

This is a private project of his. He's really hoping to bring along some extra crew, so he's taking pre-orders for the DVD to help fund the trip. He's also offering you a chance at immortality! He's going regardless of if he reaches his fundraising goal, but he'll be able to put together a better show with the extra people. Here's what he's offering:

$10: custom vinyl sticker.
$50: a copy of the DVD, sticker.
$100: movie poster (signed by the filmmakers, FM team or nobody - you decide), thanks in the "special thanks" credits of the movie, DVD, sticker.
$250: larger "special thanks" credit in the movie, poster, DVD, sticker
$1000: producer credit in the movie, poster, DVD, sticker
$2000: executive producer credit plus your photo, video or interview in the film, plus poster, DVD, sticker.

Sign up!

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