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ND V8 conversion parts

Want to build your own version of our world-renowned Habu? These are all of the custom parts we have created in order to make this conversion possible. They're the same ones we use in-house, engineered and tested over several years for the best fit and durability. Nobody else in the world has managed this conversion!

These kits do not include the GM parts you can source from GM or a salvage car. Each section contains a list of the GM parts you will need to complete it.

Here are a series of videos that show you how the car is engineered and assembled.

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  1. ND clutch master adapter
    Developed for V8s but can be used with four cylinder cars. Learn More
  2. T56 shift lever adapter
    Put your shifter where it belongs. Learn More
  3. Fasteners not shown
  4. That gold color is Kashima coat
  5. ND V8 windshield washer reservoir kit
  6. ND V8 AC Hose Completion kit
  7. V8 starter kit
    Power is no good without a starter. Learn More
  8. ND V8 cooling kit
  9. ND V8 cold air intake
  10. ND V8 power steering kit
  11. ND V8 fuel kit
  12. ND V8 exhaust kit

    From: $3,399.00

    To: $5,999.00

    A true dual with active sound levels. You can feel the horsepower. Learn More
  13. MRS CAN Gateway Module

    From: $249.00

    To: $1,048.00

    The key to making everything actually work. Learn More
  14. Modified Rear V8 Subframe

    From: $10.00

    To: $3,787.00

    Burly differentials for lightweight, high torque cars. Learn More
  15. ND V8 transmission mounting and clutch kit
  16. Modified ND Front V8 Subframe
  17. FM V8 front sway bar (NA version pictured)

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17 Item(s)