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  1. Note: these are sold individually, not as a pair.
  2. Silicone water supply lines (bag 3A)
  3. Hard lines for turbo water supply
    Replace your silicone water lines with indestructible stainless steel hard lines. Learn More
  4. Turbo oil supply kit for 1996-05 blocks (bag 4B)
    -4 AN oil feed for thirsty turbos. Known as "bag 4B". Learn More
  5. Hard lines for turbo oil drain
    Replace your rubber oil line with indestructible stainless steel. Learn More
  6. Adapter, -4AN male to 7/16-24 male inverted flare
    To hook up your oil feed to a turbocharger Learn More
  7. Inconel turbo stud
    Have problems with breaking studs on your turbo? Inconel to the rescue. Learn More
  8. Stage 8 hardware with Inconel studs
    Inconel studs and Stage 8 locking hardware for a bulletproof turbo connection Learn More
  9. Turbo oil fitting for 1996-05 blocks
  10. 1.8 Flyin' Miata turbo manifold

    From: $549.00

    To: $658.00

    At the core of our 1.8 turbo kits. Learn More
  11. Fasteners not shown.

    From: $959.00

    To: $1,966.99

    The core of a good turbo system. now with Inconel studs as standard! Learn More
  12. Turbo heat shield
  13. Silver face 20 psi gauge
    Positive manifold pressure means it's fun time. Let this gauge tell you when it's fun time. Learn More
  14. Throttle body inlet pipe for NB
    As used on FM turbo systems. Learn More
  15. MAC boost control solenoid kit
    Electronic boost control hardware Learn More
  16. Air box for turbo kit, NB chassis
  17. Hard lines for water and oil lines
    Replace all your rubber water and oil lines with stainless steel. Learn More
  18. FM turbo hush kit for NB
  19. 14mm aluminum crush washer
    NB oil drain plug washer, or 14mm banjo bolt washer. Learn More
  20. Air filter for FM turbo kits
  21. 3' of 3/4" hose is also included for plumbing purposes
    Lighter, smaller, better sealing and quieter than others on the market. Learn More
  22. 34mm blow-off valve
  23. 1999-00 stock EGR pipe
  24. 3" exhaust restrictor kit
    Lets you use a 3" exhaust with a lower-boost turbo kit Learn More
  25. Wideband option for Hydra Nemesis

    Regular Price: $279.00

    Special Price $209.00

    Add a wideband to a Hydra ECU. Included with all new Hydras from FM. Learn More
  26. Baby Miata not included, but we will throw in some vacuum hose!
    A reliable and easy way to set your boost level. Learn More
  27. FM adjustable timing wheel
    A quick and easy way to adjust the base timing. Learn More
  28. NA/NB turbine outlet (downpipe upper section)
    Long life, easy installation and high flow. It's hard to argue. Learn More
  29. "New style" FM intercooler upgrade for NB
    Upgrade your older FM II with the latest intercooler and piping. Learn More
  30. MAF delete pipe

    If you're going to delete your MAF, do it in style.

    Learn More
  31. NB Flyin' Miata turbo downpipe (lower section, 2.5")
    Stainless steel, lifetime warranty, perfect fit. For NB FM turbo cars. Learn More
  32. Compressor to intercooler hose for NA8 and NB
  33. Sorry, baby Miata not included.
    From the intercooler to the throttle body inlet. Learn More
  34. Sorry, the little Miata is not included.
    Compressor inlet for blow-off valve or VTA installs. Learn More
  35. The Voodoo Box
    It's fuel magic - forced induction without an injector upgrade! Learn More

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