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Click the links below to order the wheels and tires on the Tire Rack site. The link will open a new window so you can come back here easily. Why order this way instead of directly from Tire Rack? Because you get the same warranties and same prices, but you get our Miata-specific recommendations. We get a small commission on the sale. Everybody wins!

Why are there no specific prices? Because wheel and tire prices change constantly, so our site would always be out of date. We can tell you that the pricing will include free shipping, though!

The 15x7 option is the lightest. If you're looking for a nimble and fun street car, this is a good way to go. The light weight will give better steering feel and will make the car feel more alive. 

About the wheels

A +35 offset will fit almost exactly like stock. It has no problems with fender clearance. A +25 offset will fit under NB fenders with no modification at all. NAs may need a couple of the tabs for the fender liners to be bent out of the way - you can do this by hand. It will have a better stance.

We like the Sparco FF-1. It's a flow formed wheel that's both light and strong at a great price. It's 11.7 lbs.
Sparco FF-1 White Painted Wheels 15x7 +25 W2907550130+25 offset, white
+25 offset, black
+25 offset, rally bronze
+25 offset, grey
+35 offset, white
+35 offset, black
+35 offset, rally bronze
+35 offset, grey

The lightest option is the Enkei RPF1 - but it comes at a cost. Specific prices can be found on the Tire Rack site (they keep changing!) but expect it to cost about $80 per wheel more. 9.9 lbs, +35, black, silver or bronze.
+35 offset, black
+35 offset, silver
+35 offset, bronze

The Kosei K1 Racing is a classic six-spoke design that's really easy to clean. You may think that's funny, but just try to scrub brake dust out of a complex wheel! Available in a range of offsets and either silver or gloss black. 12.75 lbs, legal for Spec Miata! Weights will change slightly with the offset.
+25 offset, silver
+25 offset, black
+30 offset, silver
+30 offset, black
+38 offset, silver
+38 offset, black

The O.Z. Ultraleggera is one you don't see all that often, but it's a looker. It's "matte graphite silver", which is a darker grey. The spokes go right to the edge of the wheel to maximize the visual size. 12.0 lbs, +37 offset.
+37 matte graphite silver
+37 gloss black


Note that these are all summer performance tires, and are not suitable for use in freezing temperatures. In some cases, it may actually damage the tire. Toyo RA1 05ZR5RA1
100 TW. The classic Spec Miata and trackday tire. Probably the friendliest R compound tire out there, it'll stick until it cords. A great track day option, and one you can drive on the street if you want. At full depth, it's a good rain tire. Unfortunately, they've become pretty expensive.

Toyo R888R 05WR5R888RXL
100 TW. Toyo's latest. Grippier than the RA1 but you can still drive it home at the end of the day. It requires a little more care to stay in the ideal temperature range and it may heat-cycle out sooner than the RA1 - but it's only 2/3 the cost.

Bridgestone Potenza RE-71R 205/50-15
200 TW
Excellent grip. This is what we've been using on our highest performance cars. Not a long-lived tire, but you'll enjoy evey mile. They even work well in the wet.

Azenis RT615K+ 05WR5RT615KPXL
200 TW. Quick and relatively inexpensive. The ride might be a bit harsher than some other options. Not really designed for standing water.

G-Force Rival S 1.5 05VR5GFRS?
200 TW. Basically an autocross special. These are a bigger tire than their size would indicate, so you are more likely to have to roll the fenders than with other options. Not for standing water or freezing conditions. 

Yokohama Fleva V701 05VR5V701
300 TW. This is our favorite everyday driver tire. Enough grip to be fun, good in the wet, a compliant sidewall for ride comfort and a great price. It's what most of the FM cars run when they're not wearing track rubber.