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About FM turbo systems

About FM turbo systems

All of our turbocharger systems are just that - systems. They include proper engine management as well as all the parts you'll need to install them. They're also designed to be easily upgradable, as we know that it's not always possible to start off with the top of the line setup.

The hardware in our turbo systems was designed to be powerful, of course. We paid careful attention to flow in everything from our manifolds to the turbine outlet casting and intercooler. But there's more than just power required for a good forced induction system. They have to last, and they have to fit. Computer aided design and manufacturing helps here.

We went to a wide variety of suppliers for our components. This allowed us to pick the best people in every area. For example, our downpipes are built by Thermal R&D and bent on a robotic mandrel bender to ensure a level of consistency and accuracy that is difficult to achieve with a hand-built part. They even have a lifetime warranty! Sheetmetal parts are laser-cut and accurately bent for a consistent fit, while the custom-formed silicone hoses save weight and ease installation.

A high level of attention to detail continues throughout. All the fasteners are high-quality units, from custom-built ARP Inconel studs to two-piece Nordlock washers to prevent loose connections. The water feed hoses are a reinforced silicone design that offers excellent resistance to heat without the vulnerability to cuts found on normal silicone hose. Slip-on heat shield is included for all water and oil hose. The hose clamps are both strong and difficult to strip.

Meanwhile, we don't take parts out of our kits just to make them less expensive. If we think something is needed, it's included. That's why all of our kits include bypass valves and boost gauges, for example. We also use the same high-quality materials on all our kits instead of downgrading the least expensive ones.

You get the idea. Basically, we've taken our experience of turbocharging Miatas over nearly two decades and applied it to all of the hardware.

Solid hardware is all well and good, but without proper engine management it's not as effective as it could be. Nobody understands Miata engine management as well as Flyin' Miata does. We offer a variety of options that range from inexpensive and simple, to complex and powerful. We work with the ECU manufacturers to ensure that the products will be as well matched to their application. The best choice for every application will vary of course, but regardless of what is used it will be as painless and as effective as possible.

We offer free remote tuning on our ECUs. It's like having FM come and visit your house, but without the high hourly costs! You can send us datalogs and we'll analyse them, tweak the settings and send them back to you. We'll even walk you through the process.

Be careful - other vendors don't necessarily include any sort of engine management at all in their kits. Read their fine print carefully!

We're best known for our high-end kits - the FM II is the standard of comparison in the Miata world. But we understand that not everyone can jump right in at the top level. That's why we offer our Voodoo kits, to provide an entry into the world of high horsepower Miatas without a full-size price tag. All of our systems work on the same basic hardware and are designed to be easy to upgrade, so you can start off with a Voodoo and work your way up to over 350 hp if you want.

Every FM turbo system comes with the full lifetime support of Flyin' Miata for the original purchaser.

Flyin' Miata has been dealing with turbocharged Miatas for as long as there have been turbocharged Miatas. We're still driving our own little red Miata that we turbocharged in January of 1990. We've lost track of how many turbos we've installed, and we've supported customers all over the world as they did the work themselves. We're still supporting systems that we sold in the early 1990's! Since we designed the whole kit, we know it inside and out.