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Suspension parts

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  1. Sold in pairs
  2. MiataHubs replacement bearing with included hardware
    If all goes according to plan, you'll never need this. But just in case... Learn More
  3. Eibach Spring Set for NA/NB Fox Suspension
  4. Miata Hub ABS spacers with hardware
    Required to make ABS work on a MiataHub car Learn More
  5. Complete kit
  6. V-Maxx secondary spring kit
  7. 90-05 Rear Wheel Bearing
  8. Flyin' Miata FOX suspension for NA

    From: $1,850.00

    To: $2,349.00

    The best suspension we've ever offered for the NA.

    Learn More
  9. Full V-Maxx Stage 2 Kit for NA

    V-Maxx Classic coilovers matched with FM sway bars: a complete handling package for a low price.

    Learn More
  10. NA V-Maxx Xxtreme Track Coilovers
    Stupendous track performance for the money - adjustable coilovers with track-proven spring rates. Includes new upper mounts. Exclusive to FM! Learn More
  11. NA V-Maxx Xxtreme Sport Coilover kit
    A good coilover kit for an excellent price. Adjustable damping! Includes new upper mounts. Exclusive to FM! We also use a single long spring in the front for reaching higher ride heights without coil bind. Learn More
  12. NA Sway Bars, brackets and bushings
    A great handling upgrade with little or no downside. Learn More
  13. NA8 front sway bar
    A front sway bar package, including bushings and brackets. Learn More
  14. Flyin' Miata rear sway bar (NA/NB chassis)
  15. Bushings and brackets for NA8 and NB front sway bar
    Polyurethane bushings and new brackets for front FM sway bars. Learn More
  16. Ooooo, sexy.
    Yes, you do need billet sway bar brackets. Learn More
  17. Billet sway bar brackets (rear)
    Yes, you do need billet sway bar brackets. Learn More
  18. Full V-Maxx Classic Coilover Kit for NA Miata
    A good coilover kit for an excellent price. Fixed damping matched to the springs. Includes new upper mounts. Exclusive to FM! Learn More
  19. Koni Sport shock and bumpstop set (NA chassis)

    Regular Price: $659.00

    Special Price $579.00

    One of the classic Miata shocks. Now with a free set of MCU bumpstops! Learn More
  20. Flyin' Miata rear shock mounts
  21. NA upper shock mount
    Replacement upper mounts for tired Miatas Learn More
  22. 3" lift kit. Shown with 215/65-15 tires and spacers. Effective offset is +20 front, +5 rear.
  23. The lock in place.
    Your alignment will never slip under load again. Learn More
  24. Improved bump stops (pair)
    Multi-cellular polyurethane bump stops give more travel and a better ride than stock. Learn More
  25. Flyin' Miata spring set (NA chassis)
    Great handling without a killer ride. These are the standard by which all Miata springs are judged. Learn More
  26. Shock spacer, sold individually
  27. No-bind rear springs. Note: sold individually
    Eliminates the possibility of coil bind when used with extended mounts. Learn More
  28. Lower ball joint for NA and NB
  29. Alignment Bolt, 1990-05
    Eccentrics?! We've got yer eccentrics. Learn More
  30. Sold in pairs

    NASA Spec Miata/STR/STS legal! Bolt in 3 degrees of negative camber. Sold as a pair.

    Learn More
  31. Eccentric bolt lock kit
    New parts along with the exclusive Paco Motorsports eccentric lock. Learn More
  32. Long ARP stud option shown
    Blueprinted, repacked bearings with a good casting! Now including nuts. Learn More
  33. V-Maxx spring set (Sport shown)
    Convert your V-Maxx XXtreme coilovers to a different specification. Learn More
  34. Tokico Illumina adjuster selector
    $1.39 where did that little thing go? Learn More
  35. Tokico Illumina adjuster washer
  36. Complete kit.
  37. Sold individually, four needed per car
  38. Replacement bearing for FM upper shock mount
  39. Mazda front hub nut
    Factory front hub nut. Also fits NA rear axles. Learn More
  40. Mazda front hub cover
    Should be replaced when hubs are changed Learn More
  41. Lower ball joint boot
    Replacement protective boot for the lower ball joint. Learn More
  42. Upper ball joint boot
    Factory replacement for cracked upper ball joint boots Learn More
  43. Tie rod boot
    Replacement protective boot for tie rod ends. Learn More
  44. Full NB Shock Conversion Kit
    Lets you install a set of NB shocks on your NA. Learn More
  45. Heavy duty sway bar mounts for NA/NB chassis
  46. Rear sway bar bushings for NA/NB
    New bushings for 5/8" rear sway bars Learn More
  47. ARP extended wheel studs

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47 Item(s)