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Big brake kits

No matter what your braking needs, Flyin' Miata has you covered. We have minimum weight autocross setups that fit under 13" wheels and kits that have been proven to haul down a rampaging V8 track car over and over again.

The first decision is whether you want a big brake kit or our exclusive Little Big Brake kit. The big brake kit uses 11" two-piece rotors in the front and 11" in the rear for maximum heat capacity and brake torque. It has large Dynapro calipers with big pads. The Little Big Brake kit uses stock rotor sizes with a lightweight Wilwood Powerlite caliper. The price of consumables is lower and they'll fit under smaller wheels. In both cases, there's a big improvement in pedal feel due to the stiff calipers.

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  1. Six piston kit, front
  2. Big Mama Jama six piston Stage 1 kit

    From: $1,224.00

    To: $2,141.77

    Need maximum whoa for your go? Put 11" rotors all around with as many as 20 pistons. Spec out your perfect brake kit from a range of options. Learn More
  3. Partial kit shown.

    Complete your front-only brake kit! This is the back half of our Stage 1 Big Brake Kit.

    Learn More
  4. Complete kit shown in black (see color notes). Parking brake cables not shown.

    From: $1,049.00

    To: $1,299.00

    The ultimate autocross brake package. Four-piston calipers all around, an SCCA legal parking brake and clearance for 13" wheels.

    Learn More
  5. Black shown (no longer available)
  6. Parking brake cables not shown. Black is no longer available.
    A four-piston aluminum caliper on the rear with a parking brake? 3 lbs of weight loss per wheel? Only from Flyin' Miata! This is the back half of our Stage 2 brake setups. Learn More
  7. Pad dimensions for plate 7912
    Powerlite calipers are used on the front of NA/NB and ND Little Big Brake Kits and in the rear of any kit that has Wilwoods in the back. Learn More
  8. Wilwood pad plate 7812
    Dynapro calipers are the standard front caliper in our Big Brake Kits. Learn More
  9. Wilwood pad 6712
    The optional upgrade caliper on our NA/NB Big Brake Kits and the NC Little Big Brake Kit Learn More
  10. Wilwood pad plate 7112
    Dynalite calipers were used in our big brake kits from 1996-2014. Learn More
  11. Wilwood Spec 37 Front Brake Rotor Ring
  12. Wilwood rotor hardware
    This should be changed when you change rotor rings. Learn More

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12 Item(s)