Welcome to Flyin' Miata!

Welcome to Flyin' Miata!

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  • Flyin' MiataFlyin' Miata is hiring. (more)
  • Flyin' MiataWhile supplies last - the QuickJack 5000. (more)
  • Flyin' MiataV-Maxx update: new offset bushings! (more)
  • Flyin' MiataIntroducing Flyin' Miata adjustable end links. (more)
  • Flyin' MiataProjects in the shop: More infrared pics of a hot FM II. (more)
  • Flyin' MiataThe ND V8 project: They may not look like much, but these are critical parts to make the clutch and steering system work. (more) - All build diaries

We are the world leaders in Miata performance. We design and sell parts for all generations of Miata, from the original to the latest.

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  • Flyin' Miata is hiring. (more)
  • While supplies last - the QuickJack 5000. (more)
  • V-Maxx update: new offset bushings! (more)
  • Introducing Flyin' Miata adjustable end links. (more)
  • Summer Camp Wednesday track day registration is now open. (more)
  • The Beryllium LE 6UL wheel - only from Flyin' Miata (more)
  • 6UL wheel and tire packages for any Miata - only from Flyin' Miata (more)
  • Flyin' Miata lug nuts are now available. (more)

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