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FM221 programmable standalone ECU for NB

FM221 programmable standalone ECU for NB
FM221 programmable standalone ECU for NB

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This product is on closeout. Once stock is gone, new units will be available from and supported by Motorsport Electronics. All units sold through Flyin' Miata will receive full Flyin' Miata support.

We've been offering engine management for the Miata since the mid-90's. We know it's the best way to safely make maximum power out of a Miata, and we've always ensured that our ECUs are complete and fully capable. This is the latest of our line of offerings - and it comes with a lifetime warranty!

Please note: this ECU (like all other standalones) will not return OBD-II codes. This may prevent you from passing an emissions test with the ECU installed, depending on how tests are performed. It can be tuned to run very cleanly, but the required monitoring/diagnostics components are not present.

The FM221 is built for us by Motorsports Electronics in the UK. We've developed a unique specification that gives you everything needed for maximum functionality and control - and of course, only Flyin' Miata offers FM's legendary lifetime support. We added a few features that we consider to be required for a good ECU instead of extra-cost upgrades and we've worked hard with ME to add features to the software and get the base calibration fine-tuned to our satisfaction.

One thing that makes the FM221 stand out is the fact that it fits inside the stock case. This is important for some race series. It also offers a direct USB connection for ease of connection. If you've ever fiddled around with flaky USB-serial converters, you know how useful this is!

Installs easily using the stock ECU connectors, however some extra wires may need to be installed for added features such as electronic boost control. The ECU will ship with a base map that is suitable for your specific application, although some fine-tuning is recommended.

The ECU can use an external wideband for highly accurate air/fuel monitoring. It packs in features like VVT control, knock sensing, electronic boost control and onboard datalogging. We've also made sure it has proper idle and AC control, so you're not stuck with a dyno queen that's difficult to live with day to day.

The optional knock sensor gives your car the ability to monitor for damaging knock. It's even sophisticated enough to only listen for knock at certain points in the engine rotation to avoid false readings.

It also has flex fuel capability when combined with our flex fuel kit, so the ECU can adapt your fuel and timing delivery to the amount of ethanol in your fuel system in real time. No messing around with alternate tunes or having to drain the tank when changing from one fuel to another.

As with all of our ECUs, the FM221 is shipped with a base map that's well-suited to your car so you can install and get it running with minimal effort. And of course, it includes lifetime tuning support for the original owner. No hunting around on forums or guessing, you can go straight to the source.

Also available as part of one of our famous turbo systems!

Here's a feature table:

Physical Features PnP in stock case x
  Onboard MAP sensor 21 psi
  USB FTDI onboard x
  High impedance injector drivers x
  Check Engine light control x
  Tach output x
  Fuel pump output x
  VICS output x
  Warranty (original owner) Lifetime
  FM Lifetime Support (original owner) x
GUI features 3D maps 16x16
  2D maps 1x16 x
  Axis user definable x
  Windows user definable x
  Dashboard user definable x
  Onboard datalogging x
  Laptop datalogging x
  User flashable firmware x
  Private (locked) Maps planned
  Copy & paste x
Fueling Base fuel table x
  Sequential Injection x
  Decel Fuel Cut x
  Staged Injection planned
  Volumetric Efficiency Mode x
  Injector trims per cylinder x
  Coolant temperature fuel trim x
  Intake temperature fuel trim x
  Throttle pump enrichment x
  Injector response x
  Auxiliary fuel trim x
  Tip-in enrichment x
  Post-decel cut enrichment / decay x
  Boost Compensation x
  Idle fuel trim x
  ISC position Fuel trim x
  Throttle derivative fuel trim x
  Fuel pressure fuel trim x
  Barometric pressure fuel trim x
  Exhaust gas temperature fuel trim planned
  Purge / evap control x
  Fuel pump prime x
  RPM hard limit x
  RPM soft limit x
Lambda closed loop Lambda 3D target table x
  External Wideband x
  Narrowband x
  Lambda Short Term Trim x
  Lambda Long Term Trim x
  Fuel type selector x
  LTT confidence table x
  Closed Loop start temperature x
  Auxiliary lambda target table x
  Start delay x
Ignition Base ignition table x
  Auxiliary ignition trim x
  Backup ignition table x
  Coolant temperature ignition trim x
  Intake temperature ignition trim x
Engine Trimming VVT intake 3D closed loop x
  Dwell base x
  Dwell engine speed trim x
  Decel fuel cut lower limit x
  Antilag x
  Launch control x
Knock control Knock threshold x
  Knock fuel & ignition trim x
Cooling Main & A/C fan control x
  A/C clutch control x
  Water injection x
Boost Control Closed or Open loop boost control x
  Maximum boost x
  Boost RPM trim x
  Boost throttle position trim x
  Auxiliary boost target/maximum Boost trim x
Idle Speed Control Base Closed Loop Idle Speed Target x
  Open loop idle control x
  Post start Idle Speed Target Trim x
  Coolant temperature RPM Limit trim x
  Cranking ISC Valve Duty Cycle x
  AC Clutch ISC Anticipate x
  Fan ISC anticipates x
  Max ISC Valve Duty Cycle x
  Min ISC Valve Duty Cycle x
  Turbo Timer  
Starting Post-start enrichment  x
  Aux post-start enrichment x
  Post-start enrichment decay x
  Cranking enrichment x
  Aux cranking enrichment x
  Start primer x
  Aux start primer x
  Post-start throttle pump trim x
Alternator control Alternator voltage target (closed loop) x
Gear VSS/RPM ratio x
  Gear Boost trim x
Sensor Calibration Coolant temperature sensor x
  Air temperature sensor x
  TPS sensor x
  MAP sensor x
  Battery sensor x
  WBO2 sensor x
  Vehicle speed x
  Auxilliary input sensor calibration 2
Output Configuration Simple x
  Aux Digital low request 3
  AC Request x
  Launch (clutch) Request x
  Auxiliary Request x
  Datalog Request x
  External Wideband x
  Flex Fuel Support x



Additional Information

Additional Information

Part number I07-17500 1999-05
TÜV approval available No
Fits: 1999, 2000
Manufacturer Motorsports Electronics
Flyin' Miata exclusive Yes
Fits Exocet? Yes
Proposition 65 Warning: Cancer and reproductive harm
California emissions No
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