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FM V-Maxx XXtreme coilovers for NA - Sport package

NA V-Maxx Xxtreme Sport Coilover kit
FM V-Maxx XXtreme coilovers for NA - Sport package

Price as configured: $1,074.00

A good coilover kit for an excellent price. Adjustable damping! Includes new upper mounts. Exclusive to FM! We also use a single long spring in the front for reaching higher ride heights without coil bind.

Exclusive to Flyin' Miata



Improved! The rear shocks now have offset bushings for extra clearance between the spring and the halfshafts. This gives you a wider range of height adjustment. We also use a single long spring in the front for reaching higher ride heights without coil bind.

Our V-Maxx Classic suspension is very popular, but there`s one thing missing from it: adjustable damping. So we worked with V-Maxx to bring an adjustable set to market. They call it the XXtreme.

The XXtreme Sport package comes with 391 lb/in front and 258 lb/in rear spring rates. It`s a decent all-around setup - stiff enough for track and autocross use, firm but useable on the street. Those are the same rates used on our non-adjustable V-Maxx shocks. If you`d like a track-oriented setup with 25% stiffer spring rates, check out our Track Pack for the same price. The springs are also available separately if you`d like to have multiple sets on hand.

So what makes them work? 

The adjustable shock damping is well-matched to the springs. A 1/2" shorter rear shock body gives extra compression travel for improved ride and handling, even at lower ride heights. Since the spring perch is adjustable, you have full control over ride height and cornerweighting. The spring rates are 391 lb/in in the front and 258 lb/in in the rear, which gives a good handling balance. A 1/2" shorter rear shock body gives extra compression travel for improved ride and handling, even at lower ride heights. They have a two-year warranty.

We've come up with a special package allows NA owners to update their cars to the superior NB specification. It includes a set of upper mounts and all the required bushings and washers to install the later suspension in an early car. This allows you to take advantage of the newer design Mazda developed after 10 years of Miata production. You also don't reuse any of your original suspension parts, so installation is easier with no spring compressor required. Also, if you have an NB and want to replace every single bit, this is the package for you.

Not compatible with FM`s rear upper mounts, as this combination provides more compression travel than the suspension can physically deliver. We recommend the use of factory upper mounts only. .

Customer warning: Flyin' Miata is the exclusive US distributor for Miata V-Maxx suspension. Kits from elsewhere will not have a warranty nor will they have the correct spring rates. Buyer beware!

Additional Information

Additional Information

Part number 13-16255 1990-97 NB
Fits: 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997
Manufacturer V-Maxx
Flyin' Miata exclusive Yes
Fits Exocet? Yes
Proposition 65 Warning: Cancer and reproductive harm
California emissions Emissions regulations do not apply

Customer Reviews 4 item(s)

I can't drive 55/65/---
Purchased the sport v maxx, wanted to be able to adjust final ride height to my liking. After breaking them in, I'm around 12 1/8 front and 12 7/8 rear. Also set the firmness to what flyin miata suggests and I am very happy with the results. Previously installed the flyin frame rails, and with these added the ride is sooo much smoother. Wish I'd done this sooner! Turns are crisp, right now response. Hard to beat for the price.
Review by Alaskan Assassin / (Posted on 5/2/2019)
Too good
Much wow.
Review by Miata man / (Posted on 11/1/2018)
Better than new.
Better than new. Replaced leaky Tokiko 'blues' and tired Racing Beat springs installed by previous owner. Night-and-day performance difference. Handling is precise, behaves great over smooth and rough roads. I'm one step closer to running "Ruby" in her first autocross.
Review by Brian H / (Posted on 11/1/2018)
A great product that delivers on performance!
I installed the Vmaxx Extreme Sports as part of a two step upgrade, the first step being the installation of Flyin' Miata's swaybars, which was followed by the coil-overs at a later date. I did this to be able to judge the results of each step independently. The car is used as a daily driver with the occasional visit to an auto-cross. I have to say that each component made a marked improvement in the handling of the car. The Vmaxx shocks replaced a set of Koni STR.T with factory springs. Once installed and given a period of break-in, I set the new shocks to allow the car to ride about an inch lower than stock. First impressions was that the ride firmness was only slightly stiffer than the factory springs and perfectly fine for daily driving. During daily driving the car feels just a bit firmer. At an autocross event, the difference over the stock suspension was dramatic! Almost no body roll, much improved turn-in response, and transitions from gripping to traction break seem more linear. The ability to adjust everything allows you to set how the car drives and feels to match your needs. The improvement in handling is impressive!
Review by holdenga / (Posted on 11/1/2018)
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