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Mazdaspeed complete intake kit

Mazdaspeed complete intake kit
Mazdaspeed complete intake kit
Solve all of your Mazdaspeeds breathing problems at once. Includes our high-performance intake, boost controller, throttle body inlet pipe, O2 signal modifier and recirculated bypass valve.

Made in the USA

Exclusive to Flyin' Miata

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The stock Mazdaspeed comes from the factory with a restrictive intake, a leaky bypass valve and a throttle body inlet pipe that inflates and blows off under boost. The stock ECU also has a tendency to create a hesitation upon going into boost, and intake modifications make this worse.

Flyin` Miata has developed solutions for all of these problems and this package includes them all. Safe for use with a stock ECU, this combination will improve spoolup, increase power and is a good foundation for further modifications. When combined with our exhaust system, customers have seen 200 hp at the rear wheels - a 50 hp gain. All pipes are made of polished stainless steel while the blow-off valve is silver anodized aluminum. Easy installation.

Includes the high-performance intake, manual boost controller, throttle body inlet pipe, O2 signal modifier and the recirculated Turbosmart bypass valve along with all necessary hoses and clamps. Not compatible with RHD cars that have air conditioning.

Intended for cars with a stock ECU and MAF sensor. If you have an aftermarket ECU such as our Hydra, please call us to order this version. Please note that we cannot ship this product to California as it will not meet emissions regulations.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Part number 05-29121 WITH MAF
TÜV approval available No
Fits: MSM
Manufacturer Flyin' Miata
Flyin' Miata exclusive Yes
Fits Exocet? No
Proposition 65 Warning: Cancer and reproductive harm
California emissions Not emissions legal in California

Customer Reviews 8 item(s)

Makes cool noises!
An absolute must for these cars. Parts came well-packaged and was relatively straight forward to install. I did have a tricky time aligning the MAF to sit straight between the filter and inlet pipe, but found the trick was to line everything up with the bolts snug but not too tight and then slowly tighten things up. Drove it for about 2 weeks without the O2 signal mod due to time constraints and the lean spot was quite evident. After the O2 signal mod, it's still there, but it does feel quite a bit better (albeit not perfect, although that's no fault of FM but rather the crappy factory ECU on these cars). Definitely a must buy for these cars
Review by Steven / (Posted on 6/17/2018)
I finally feel and hear the turbo now!
This kit really is a necessity for the MSM. It was easy to install and it solves a whole bunch of issues all at the same time.

For one, it allows you to actually hear that you have a turbo by not covering up the spinnywhoosh noises it makes.

The second major issue it fixes is that weird VTEC-like kick around 5000 RPM when the MSM goes into open loop mode. Honestly, that little o2 signal modifier is worth it even if you don't get the kit.

Overall, the quality of the parts and the instructions is well worth the price of the kit. Other than a little bit of polishing compound in one of the pipes, everything was perfect out of the box.
Review by Caleb / (Posted on 1/20/2018)
Great kit, worth every penny.
Great kit. It sounds amazing allowing you to hear the turbo spool and the bpv sounds really nice for being recirculated. I find myself building boost just to hear it. The install is very simple, the directions are very complete with color photos and a step by step procedure. My only wish is they could get rid of all the rubber hose and have it completely hard piped which includes the rubber turbo inlet and the few rubber intercooler hoses. I trust FM has done their homework though and left those for flexibility reasons. You won’t regret bolting this kit on.

Note from FM: Boosty's theory is right. We need some flexibility in those pipes because some of the parts are attached to the chassis and some are attached to the engine which moves around.
Review by Boosty1 / (Posted on 10/8/2017)
Easy install, superb engine performance
Very easy installation. The only issue was finding the 3/4 inch hose when I needed it. Then I looked where my wife had moved it "to get it out of the way"... doh!
Smooth power curve. Engine feels strong but smooth as butter. The whoosh! at the end of a thrust run-up is marvelously satisfying.
Review by MSMGramps / (Posted on 4/6/2017)
Well engineered, great fit, and noticeable results.
Great addition, not too hard to install. Took a bit longer than expected since I was unfamiliar with the layout. After reading directions a few times I was able to figure it all out the first time. Performance is noticeably better, boost builds faster, sounds great and you will feel a difference right away. I ran it without the o2 modifier for a month or so due to time constraints and it ran ok, but improved once installed. Car really pulls nicely. After having just the intake kit for 6 months or so I added the downpipe and between the 2 it's a great combo. Car really has come to life throughout. Although there are other kits out there for less this one is comprehensive and fits well, and I understand what the extra parts were added for. The throttle body elbow, recirculated valve, location on sensors, etc. Only thing I would change is location of the filter itself, which is a small complaint. Worth while investment, was the first power mod I did, and I'd do the same if I had th chance
Review by Chris / (Posted on 8/23/2016)
Great kit, Great support!
took a little longer to install than i thought it would. However, it can be done in the course of 2-3 hours with a very basic set of hand tools.
Car spools up quicker, and sounds much better. the BOV is a little loud but there are times i find myself hitting boost just to hear it. This should be the 1st mod to the car!
Thanks FM.
Review by Matt P / (Posted on 10/13/2015)
Great easy upgrade! 10/10
Bought my 2004 MSM. Within two weeks I bought the complete intake kit. Great upgrade. Easy enough to install. Thank you for the separate O2 modifier instructions. Spools up faster and makes a great intake noise. The blow off valve is kind of funny driving in town because the gearing is so short. Every time I get into positive boost and shift I get the very gratifying expel of air. Puts a smile on my face every time. 10/10 would recommend. Up next is exhaust can't wait! Thank you very much
Review by GUTLESSmoose / (Posted on 7/17/2015)
Perfect Upgrade
If you are fortunate enough to own an MSM, this relatively simple upgrade will make a significant performance difference. I can best describe it as much better power at the lower RPM range, and extraordinary power when you really step on it. Not to mention some pretty cool whooshing noises. And I said relatively simple - the FM tech support was fantastic -- it took a few calls with some questions ton work around some upgrades made by prior owner.
Review by Rowfast / (Posted on 5/11/2015)
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