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The Exocet

The Exocet is a really simple concept. Take the Miata engine and drivetrain along with the suspension and drop a light, stiff space frame chassis on top. You get to keep the great handling of the donor Miata, but with a weight savings of around 800 lbs. It's just as much fun as you think.

The Exocet was originally designed in the UK, where around 450 of them are roaming the streets and race tracks. Exomotive in the US reworked the chassis design for more strength and considerably greater stiffness, and has started producing the new design in Atlanta, Georgia. Flyin' Miata is proud to be a dealer for this new redesigned kit.

More information coming soon - in the meantime, check our Frequently Asked Questions.

To answer the big ones: yes, we will be offering turn-key options. And yes, an LS motor will fit. At the moment, we offer rollers for those who want a head start on the build process.

There is a Base kit that's $700 less than the Sport, but we think the Sport is the best starting point for a street and/or track day car. It has a stiffer chassis and improved rollover protection. So we don't recommend the Base and thus we don't offer it.

Check out the build of our own Exocet!

Exocet Sport Kit - $7,499

  • Laser cut 6061 Aluminum floors with pilot holes
  • Laser cut & CNC bent Transmission Cover
  • 6061 Aluminum Front & Rear Bulkheads
  • Smoked Plexiglass Side Panels w/Stainless Steel hardware
  • Aluminum Grill Mesh
  • Nut & Bolt pack
  • 25' of 3/16" Cunifer Alloy Brake Pipe
  • 25' of Premium Vinyl Edge Trim
  • P-Clips
  • Self Tapping Screws
  • Rivets
  • Gelcoat Fiberglass Nose, Hood, Fuel Tank Cover and Cowl
  • Upgraded and stiffer Exocet Sport chassis
  • Designed for 4,5 or 6 point harnesses
  • Roll bar exceeds SCCA/NASA/FIA/MSA specs for cars up to 2500 pounds
  • Unbroken driver diagonal and harness bar
  • Extra front and rear downtubes for improved rigidity
  • DOMEX 700 MC steel harness mount points
  • Over 180 different RAL color options standard for body panels

Exocet Race Kit - $8,299

  • All Base & Sport kit items plus upgraded Exocet Race chassis
  • Roll cage exceeds SCCA/NASA/FIA/MSA specs for cars up to 2500 pounds
  • Double Diagonal and Harness Bar
  • Single-piece main forward tubes and a tube-gusseted halo
  • Gusseted dashboard-level tie-in
  • Includes welded-in 18 gauge steel floors for additional protection

Optional Extras

  • Welded steel floors on Sport chassis, $300. These are standard on the Race chassis.
  • Fenders and fender mounts, $500. Strongly recommended.
  • Rolling chassis. We put the engine, drivetrain and suspension in. You do the rest.
  • Front & Rear Wing Mounts - $250 front, $200 rear. Get them both for $400! Available either for the Car of Tomorrow wing or APR.
  • Aluminum wiring tray - $150
  • Windshield frame - $345 (Sport, seen in the track picture above) / $325 (Race)
  • Carbon fiber bodywork - $2400
  • Chassis Media Blasting and Powder Coating - adds $600-$900 depending on color/finish. Over 6500 colors available. Otherwise, all chassis are delivered as bare steel and will require painting.

Here's a good illustration of the changes in the frame for the various kit. Silver is the Base kit, which we don't recommend. Sport add the yellow tubes, and Race takes the Sport chassis and adds the red tubes.

A complete Sport kit with the optional wing mounts and fenders. The bodywork shown here is the pre-2014 style. The current body has a one-piece nose and hood.


You are welcome to pick up your kit from the factory in Atlanta, free of charge.

Unpowdercoated kits:
If you need to have it shipped, there's a $300 crating fee plus the actual shipping. Contact us for a precise shipping quote, but here are some sample costs (including crating) to give you a general idea. You can have the kit shipped to a freight depot near you for the business price:

  • Denver, CO - $752.39 Business / $899.39 Residential
  • Dallas, TX- $598.65 Business / $745.65 Residential
  • Chicago, IL- $561.57 Business / $708.57 Residential
  • Seattle, WA- $859.12 Business / $1006.12 Residential
  • Bloomington, CA - $844.26 Business / $991.26 Residential

Powdercoated kits:
Due to the potential for damage, powdercoated kits are shipped via special crane-equipped trucks so there's no chance a crazed forklift driver will hurt your car. The cost ranges from $700 (Atlanta, GA) to $2100 (Montana).


The car in this video is a Sport kit fitted with the optional rear wing mounts and missing all the bodywork. It was built from a 1999 donor and sports an FM II turbo system as well as AFCO suspension. We had to use a 480 hp Miata as a camera car, nothing else could keep up!

Here's a time-lapse video of the same car being built.