To help you make sure you've chosen the right parts for your car, we have a tool in our shopping cart that will identify parts that don't match your Miata. 

To use it, just select the year of your Miata from the drop-down in the cart. It will remember you for next time so you should only have to do this once - unless you're like most of us and own a bunch of Miatas. The tool will tell you if any of the parts in your cart are not designed for that Miata.

Of course, we know that people modify their Miatas. Heck, that's why you're here! So if you know that your car is different because it has something like a 2004 MSM engine in a 1990, feel free to ignore the results. It won't stop you from placing the order. We're just hoping it'll prevent a mistake because stuff happens.

Note that this is a guide only. We do our best to ensure that our database is accurate, but there are some parts that will fit certain Miatas of a given year but not others - Brembo vs non-Brembo brakes on an ND, for example. Ultimately it is your responsibility to ensure the parts you order are correct for your car. If you have questions, feel free to contact our customer service department and check with one of our techs.

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