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We're excited to offer Bolt as our checkout partner for credit and debit card payments. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our customer's experience and security, and Bolt gives us the ability to offer a smooth and modern checkout experience.

How it works

What you'll see is a very fast and easy checkout process that works on both your mobile device or your desktop.
See it on a phone
See it on a desktop

The first time you check out, you'll be asked for your shipping address and your credit card information. That's it. We'll send a verification code to your phone, and save your information for later if you choose. Next time you check out, we'll already have all your payment and shipping information ready, letting you finish your purchase in seconds.

If you ever log out of Bolt, you can log back in quickly using a verification code on your phone.

Notice how we said shipping address? That's right, thanks to Bolt's strong anti-fraud protection you can now ship to anywhere you want.

What you don't see is the technology behind the scenes. Bolt offers best-in-class security for your personal information, using 128-bit SSL encryption and a Level 1 PCI-DSS compliant back end. Their innovative machine learning anti-fraud models are paired with human review to make sure all legitimate attempts to pay get through, and cuts out all the fraudsters that drive up costs for everyone.

Two factor authentication means you can quickly make future purchases across devices without having to remember a login or password, and ensures that nobody else is making purchases on your behalf.

So, it's faster and easier to use, more secure and allows you to ship to different addresses. What's not to like?

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