Flyin' Miata Summer Camp

Back in 1998, Bill Cardell threw a BBQ to thank local Flyin' Miata customers for their business. Over the next 22 years, the event grew and grew. Track days, dyno runs, ridealongs, autocrosses, multi-day tours, scenic drives, technical seminars, Q&A sessions, car shows - and of course, food. But the one constant was the purpose, to thank our customers.

For 2021, we're taking a leap into a new kind of Summer Camp. We're going virtual. This will allow anyone to take part, including those who aren't able to travel to Flyin' Miata World Headquarters in Colorado. This is new to us as well!

The event took place on June 12, 2021.

We will have replays of all the virtual events available on our YouTube channel shortly.


Virtual car show

Thanks to our partners at Topmarq, we're able to hold our popular car show online. Entry is free and there's a class for every Miata. All you need is pictures.

Judging is by people's choice - you get to vote on your favorite cars in each class. We'll announce the winners on June 12th and there will be prizes!

Voting has closed, but you can still view 234 cool Miatas along with the winners.

Event schedule

Times are in Mountain because that's where we are! 9 AM Mountain is 11 AM Eastern, 10 AM Central or 8 AM Pacific.

9:00 AM Introduction
9:15 AM Meet the staff
10:00 AM Technical seminar: upgrade paths
11:00 AM Virtual drive over the Colorado National Monument with Cap'n Bob (turbo NA)
12:00 PM Technical seminar: new products
1:00 PM Technical seminar: suspension 101
2:00 PM Virtual drive: FM car ridealong from mild to spicy
3:00 PM The other cars of FM (staff cars)
3:45 PM Car show awards
4:00 PM Virtual drive up Hwy 141in Andy (turbo ND)
4:30 PM Closing
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