LED lighting upgrade bundle for NA Miatas

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Diode Dynamics LED Bulbs. Your car's specific needs may differ slightly.
LED lighting upgrade bundle for NA Miatas

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    We're big fans of LED lighting. It responds quickly, it generates almost no heat, it lasts for a long time and it uses minimal power. What's not to love?

    We use LEDs from Diode Dynamics because they're the best ones we've found. They're made in the US to high standards, not just the minimum price. They've got constant-current circuitry to protect the bulbs from transients and offer a three-year warranty. Even their lumen ratings are based on actual measurements instead of advertising promises. You can buy cheaper LEDs, but you can't buy better ones.

    For the side markers, we have the option of amber and red bulbs that use your existing housings, or complete replacement housings that are either white or smoked when off but still light up the right color. Note that the complete housing sets are not made by Diode Dynamics and are sold in packs of four while the bulbs are sold in pairs. 

    If you have cruise control and you replace all of your brake lights (not tail lights), you'll need to add a resistor to keep the cruise control functioning. If you leave a single incandescent bulb, the cruise control will continue to function with no issues. 

    About hyperflash: the flasher in your Miata expects some resistance from the light bulbs. If that resistance isn't there, it will flash faster, like you have a blown bulb. That's a clear sign of someone who has replaced their LEDs but hasn't paid any attention to actual function. It's a little embarrassing to see. The solution is to either add inline resistors (one at each turn signal bulb, an entire car would need two resistor pairs) or install an appropriate flasher (one per car). We offer a new factory flasher that we've modified to work with LEDs or we offer just the resistor if you want to do the LED modification yourself (soldering required). You need either the resistors or a modified flasher in order to prevent hyperflash.

    Note: the 7443 bulbs are CK compatible if your application requires it.

    More Information

    More Information
    Part number M28-1XXXX NA
    Designed for model year: 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997
    Fits Exocet? Yes
    California emissions Emissions regulations do not apply
    Proposition 65 Warning: Cancer and reproductive harm
    Flyin' Miata exclusive No


    1. Good lord, what an improvement!
      I got a bundle to replace all of my exterior lights except the third brake light and my side markers. (I had already installed the LED side marker package from FM.) The difference is incredible. Having seen a side by side of the old versus new taillight bulbs, I am seriously surprised I hadn’t been rear ended before. Every bulb is extremely bright and the switchbacks for the front turn signals are nuts. It’s great for safety, great for style, produces less heat and uses less energy. They are on the expensive side but you can’t put a price on visibility/safety and having seen the difference, I would’ve been willing to pay more. This was kind of a throwaway mod for me but ended up being one of the better changes I’ve made to my car.

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    2. Fantastic Package
      Great LED package. Improves visibility so others can see you and really adds a little extra something to the car, without being too over the top. Everything is plug and play, and the resistor kit for the turn signals is fairly easy to install. Just a few crimps, no real wiring needed if you don’t want to. Definitely recommend!

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    3. Great upgrade, and much needed!
      Thank you Flyin' Miata for a great upgrade, and much needed! The level of lighting and updating that LED has over halogen is like night and day literally. I put the 29mm interior bulb on the driver side of my 1993 Miata and it blinks sometimes when driving over road imperfections I don't know if that is the car or the bulb. Also, since it is LED the bulb is a little larger so it does not fit perfectly, but it does provide good lighting and with the light covering plate you never notice the size different. Without the resistor kits installed the signal lights blink about twice as fast as normal.

      The bulbs I ordered and installed are as follows:
      2 tail light bulbs
      1157A HP24 (checkered, centre bulb) - LED front switchbacks rock!
      1156A HP48 (white) - Turn signals
      1157R (metal) - Tail/brake ligths
      921 HP36 (retangles) - Centre brake light of NA
      1156 HP11 (yellow) - Reverse lights

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