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Roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. 41 "how to" projects to improve your Miata. This is the practical book of the series.

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A good addition to anyone`s toolbox, Performance Projects walks through the most common jobs on a Miata. The book covers 41 projects for all levels of mechanic, from novice to experienced. Each project is clearly explained with large color photos to make it easy to understand. You`ll also find out how difficult your particular project is, what parts you`ll need, how much it`s liable to cost and what else you should do while you`re in there. Written by Flyin` Miata`s own Keith Tanner.

There are a few sample pages available so you can get an idea of what the book is like. Click on the project names in the list below to see them.

For 1990-05 Miatas. The 2004-05 Mazdaspeed turbo car is not specifically covered, but most of the projects still apply. As with all of Keith`s books, it`s autographed by the author - a Flyin` Miata exclusive!

Section 1 - Getting Started
Getting Ready
Oil Change
Shifter Boot Replacement
Setting the Timing
Preparing your Miata for the Track
Replacing the Spark Plugs
Changing the Fuel Filter
Headlight Replacement and Upgrade

Section 2 - Engine
Changing the Accessory Drive Belts
Changing the Valve Cover and Cam Angle Sensor Gaskets
Replacing a Timing Belt
Changing the Water Pump
Fixing Noisy HLAs
Repairing a Damaged Crank
Removing and Replacing a Miata Head
Retrofitting an NB Head on an NA Engine
Engine Removal
Installing an Engine
Installing a 1.8l Engine in a 1.6l Car

Section 3 - Cooling
Changing the Coolant
Replacing a Thermostat
Replacing the Radiator

Section 4 - Transmission
Changing the Transmission and Differential Fluids
Replacing or Repairing a Leaky Clutch Slave Cylinder
Installing a New Clutch or Flywheel
Installing a Torsen Limited Slip

Section 5 - Exhaust
Changing the Exhaust
Installing a Header

Section 6 - Brakes
Bleeding and Flushing the Brakes and Clutch
Lubricating the Slider Pins
Changing Brake Rotors and Pads
Installing Stainless Steel Brake Lines
Fitting Bigger Brakes to your Miata

Section 7 - Suspension
Aligning a Miata
Sway Bars
Replacing the Suspension Bushings

Section 8 - Body and Interior
Replacing the Convertible Top
Roll Bar Installation
How to Stripe a Miata
Installing New Gauge Faces

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