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  1. 1994-00 0.040" Cometic metal head gasket
    Slightly thicker than stock and suitable for larger bore sizes. Learn More
  2. 1.8 non-VVT valve cover gasket
  3. The separator
  4. ACL race main bearings for NA/NB
  5. 1.8 conversion kit

    From: $149.00

    To: $391.24

    Want to put a 1.8 engine in your 1990-93 Miata? Here are the parts you'll need. Learn More
  6. Note that contents may not be exactly as shown

    From: $499.00

    To: $682.76

    Everything you need to rebuild your engine. Learn More
  7. Oil filter (NA/NB)
  8. O-ring for oil filler cap
  9. Timing belt and pulleys
    Just the belt and pulleys. As used in our timing belt kit. Learn More
  10. Upgraded PCV valve
    A stronger spring in this PCV valve lets it deal with boost. Learn More
  11. Carrillo Super-A beam rods for Miata
    Lighter, less expensive and strong! Learn More
  12. Carrillo H beam rods
    They don`t get any stronger. Learn More
  13. Exhaust/intake valve stem seal
    Fits exhaust valves on all NA and NB engines as well as the intake on the NA6. Learn More
  14. Big nose crank seal
    Recommended with every timing belt change. Learn More
  15. Boundary Engineering upgraded oil pump
  16. NA PCV valves look different than this but use the same grommet
  17. NA Not Included
    It's inexpensive, critical and difficult to replace. Always install a new one. Learn More
  18. ATI Damper pulley kit with 36-2 trigger wheel
    Keep your bearings and oil pump happy with this Super Damper. Includes our 36-2 trigger wheel. Learn More
  19. Rear main/crankshaft seal for NA/NB
    We recommend changing this with every clutch change. Learn More
  20. Intake manifold gasket
  21. The GM flex fuel sensor

    Regular Price: $179.00

    Special Price $139.00

    The minimum needed to run flex fuel. Learn More
  22. 1991-05 Big Nose Crank Bolt
  23. Standard pulley version of the 36-2 trigger wheel
  24. Oil filter spacer
    Used in our NA6 oil cooler kits Learn More
  25. dip stick tube o-ring
    Fixes leaks at the bottom of the dip stick Learn More
  26. O-ring for oil pump
    Replace when the pump is out. Learn More
  27. Thermostat housing o-ring
    If you need it, you need it. Learn More
  28. ND Not Included
    Don't go for the RTV. Learn More
  29. FM fuel rail only
    Rail only, no lines Learn More
  30. Coils not included

    Regular Price: $349.00

    Special Price $299.00

    Put some lightning in your engine bay with FM's LS3 coil upgrade. Learn More
  31. DeatschWerks 165 LPH fuel pump
  32. Includes all parts needed for installation.
    For those who need lots of fuel and need it right now. Learn More
  33. 1.8 intake valve stem seal
    Valve stem seal for the NA8/NB engine. Get the good stuff! Learn More
  34. Actual content will vary depending on application
  35. 1994-05 oil thermostat kit
    The best way to hook an oil cooler to your engine. Learn More
  36. Oooo, spark plugs!

    Extended reach spark plugs, ideal for turbo or supercharger use. Sold in sets of four.

    Learn More
  37. FPR adapter
    Fit an FPR to a 1/4 NPT hole Learn More
  38. Oil cooler o-ring
  39. FM oil filter relocation kit (NA and NB chassis)
    A high quality relocation kit with stainless steel lines and optional turbo oil fittings! Learn More
  40. ATI Damper pulley kit (1996-05)
    Keep your bearings and oil pump happy with this Super Damper. Includes a trigger wheel. Learn More
  41. Belt guide as part of the complete assembly.
    Included with our ATi dampers. Learn More
  42. Includes four pistons, wristpins and rings
    9:1 pistons for built turbo engines - now stronger than ever. Learn More
  43. The complete kit. Brackets may not be exactly as shown.
    A top-quality oil cooler kit including lines and brackets Learn More
  44. 14mm aluminum crush washer
    NB oil drain plug washer, or 14mm banjo bolt washer. Learn More
  45. 1994-97 head gasket kit
    A complete head gasket kit. Learn More
  46. Front oil pan seal, 1990-00
    Change whenever you have the pan off. Learn More
  47. Flyin' Miata Big Fuel kit (NA8)
    Everything you need to feed an engine that consumes mass quantities of fuel. Learn More
  48. Thermostat neck o-ring not shown
    Everything you need for a timing belt change! Learn More
  49. 94-97 Complete Fuel Rail Kit
  50. 1994-00 Miata head gasket

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