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  1. Carrillo Super-A beam rods for Miata
    Lighter, less expensive and strong! Learn More
  2. Carrillo H beam rods
    They don`t get any stronger. Learn More
  3. Exhaust/intake valve stem seal
    Fits exhaust valves on all NA and NB engines as well as the intake on the NA6. Learn More
  4. Sold individually
    Stiffer differential bushing. Sold individually. Learn More
  5. Polyurethane differential bushings
    Stiffer differential mounts improve your shifting. Learn More
  6. Six piston kit, front

    From: $1,224.00

    To: $2,141.77

    Need maximum whoa for your go? Put 11" rotors all around with as many as 20 pistons. Spec out your perfect brake kit from a range of options. Learn More
  7. The bushings are highlighted in green. This kit includes a total of four.
  8. NA/NB Rear Upper Control Arm Bushings
  9. Complete kit shown in black (see color notes). Parking brake cables not shown.

    From: $1,049.00

    To: $1,299.00

    The ultimate autocross brake package. Four-piston calipers all around, an SCCA legal parking brake and clearance for 13" wheels.

    Learn More
  10. Parking brake cables not shown. Black is no longer available.
    A four-piston aluminum caliper on the rear with a parking brake? 3 lbs of weight loss per wheel? Only from Flyin' Miata! This is the back half of our Stage 2 brake setups. Learn More
  11. Oil filter spacer
    Used in our NA6 oil cooler kits Learn More
  12. dip stick tube o-ring
    Fixes leaks at the bottom of the dip stick Learn More
  13. Look, a washer!
    It's hard to come up with more to say. It's a washer. For our magnetic oil plug. Learn More
  14. Magnetic oil plug
    It's an oil plug that's magnetic. Learn More
  15. O-ring for oil pump
    Replace when the pump is out. Learn More
  16. NA Not Included
    It's inexpensive, critical and difficult to replace. Always install a new one. Learn More
  17. Better picture to come.
    Add a sensor port to a -8 AN line Learn More
  18. Accessory belt, PS only, NA/NB
    Accessory belt for cars with power steering but without air conditioning. Learn More
  19. Complete polyurethane bushing kit for NA and NB
    Banish rubber from your suspension with this complete polyurethane bushing set. Learn More
  20. Big nose crank seal
    Recommended with every timing belt change. Learn More
  21. LED corner lights for NA/NB
  22. Yours may be green or black.
    One of the biggest causes of stranded Miatas. Learn More
  23. FM windshield banner.
    The coolest Miatas have FM banners on them. Free with any order over $100! Learn More
  24. note the handy reference torque!
  25. 6UL wheel centering ring
  26. Nickel vs Tungsten. Taken outside in full sunlight.
    The standard of the industry. Available in your choice of five colors. Learn More
  27. 949Racing aluminum tire valve
  28. FM gas pedal extension only (NA/NB)
    By popular demand - as found in our pedal kits. Learn More
  29. Replacement top latches available in red or black
    Replace your worn stock top latch locks with these beauties. Learn More
  30. Race ND not included.
  31. Paco Motorsports seat bolsters for NA/NB Miatas
  32. Flyin' Miata weighted Delrin shift knob
  33. FM Cravenspeed shift knob
    Can you overengineer a shift knob? Learn More
  34. Blank gauge panel for NA/NB dashboards
    Build your own gauge cluster. Learn More
  35. Non-locking black
    The best hood pin setup out there. As used on our V8 conversions! Non-locking version. Learn More
  36. The GM flex fuel sensor

    Regular Price: $179.00

    Special Price $139.00

    The minimum needed to run flex fuel. Learn More
  37. Intake manifold gasket
  38. LED corner lights for NA/NB - with tricky connector

    Regular Price: $84.99

    Special Price $72.24

    Function and style! What's not to love? Learn More
  39. Long ARP stud option shown
    Blueprinted, repacked bearings with a good casting! Now including nuts. Learn More
  40. Complete kit
  41. Miata Hub ABS spacers with hardware
    Required to make ABS work on a MiataHub car Learn More
  42. Alignment Bolt, 1990-05
    Eccentrics?! We've got yer eccentrics. Learn More
  43. Eccentric bolt lock kit
    New parts along with the exclusive Paco Motorsports eccentric lock. Learn More
  44. The lock in place.
    Your alignment will never slip under load again. Learn More
  45. 3" lift kit. Shown with 215/65-15 tires and spacers. Effective offset is +20 front, +5 rear.
  46. Installed. Old design shown.
    The easiest way to make your car feel stiffer. Learn More
  47. Heavy duty sway bar mounts for NA/NB chassis
  48. Rear main/crankshaft seal for NA/NB
    We recommend changing this with every clutch change. Learn More
  49. The brace in place along with one of our shock tower braces.
    Give your braking a nice firm foundation. Black powdercoat. Learn More
  50. The separator

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