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  1. Inconel 1mm oversize exhaust valve (1.8)
    Oversize exhaust valves for more flow - now available in Inconel! Learn More
  2. Stainless steel 1 mm oversize intake valve (1.8)

    Regular Price: $20.99

    Special Price $19.37

    Oversize intake valves. Learn More
  3. Inconel 1mm oversize intake valve (1.8)
    As tested on some of the hardest-working Miata engines on the planet. Learn More
  4. Note that contents may not be exactly as shown

    From: $449.00

    To: $720.96

    Everything you need to rebuild your engine. Learn More
  5. 6 speed transmission front oil seal
  6. 2001-05 spark plug wires
  7. Sold in sets of four
  8. Wiseco seamless piston ring installer
  9. Rear oil pan seal, 1990-00
    Change whenever you have the pan off. Learn More
  10. Mazda Competition motor mount
    Stiffer motor mount to help keep a high power engine from moving around. Learn More
  11. Seal, rear tailshaft, 5- and 6-speed
    If your transmission has a dribbly rear, this is the cure. Learn More
  12. Stock Mazda motor mount
    Tame excessive engine movement! Learn More
  13. Look, a washer!
    It's hard to come up with more to say. It's a washer. For our magnetic oil plug. Learn More
  14. Magnetic oil plug
    It's an oil plug that's magnetic. Learn More
  15. Accessory belt, PS only, NA/NB
    Accessory belt for cars with power steering but without air conditioning. Learn More
  16. NB valve keeper
    Valve keepers for 1999-05 Miatas Learn More
  17. Valve spring kit
    A well-designed valve spring upgrade - with titanium retainers. Ooooo. Learn More
  18. ACL race rod bearings for NA/NB
  19. Despite the taco shell packaging, we do not recommend eating King XP bearings.

    Regular Price: $64.99

    Special Price $39.99

    Strong bearings for high load Learn More
  20. Dual valve spring kit
    For the most extreme Miata engine builds - with titanium retainers. Ooooo. Learn More
  21. Flyin' Miata adjustable cam gear - with triggers!
  22. ARP head studs
    Custom designed for the Miata. Learn More
  23. ARP main cap studs (NA/NB)
    Custom designed for the 1990-05 Miata. Set of ten studs. Learn More
  24. Flyin' Miata Cannon rear subframe brace
  25. Front shock. The adjustment knob is not visible.
    The best value in an adjustable track-ready coilover. Learn More
  26. Flyin' Miata cam seal installer tool
  27. Redline RL-600 DOT 4 brake fluid
    High wet and dry boiling point DOT 4 fluid Learn More
  28. Mazda front hub nut
    Factory front hub nut. Learn More
  29. 3 inch exhaust system (NB chassis)

    From: $858.00

    To: $1,247.00

    Complete 3 inch exhaust system (NB chassis). Learn More
  30. NC DeatschWerks 265LPH fuel pump kit

    Regular Price: $169.00

    Special Price $139.00

    More fuel for the NC! Learn More
  31. Spark plug wires
  32. NGK Iridium spark plug set for NC

    Regular Price: $64.99

    Special Price $39.99

    Laser! Iridium! What else could you possibly need in a plug? Learn More
  33. ACL race thrust bearing for 1990-00 engines
  34. Flyin' Miata  forged turbo pistons by Wiseco (NC 2.0 MZR)
    Very strong 9.5:1 compression pistons for the NC Learn More
  35. Includes four pistons, rings and wrist pins.
    11.0:1 pistons for built normally aspirated engines - now stronger! Learn More
  36. NA75-39-030
    Left side 1.8 motor mount bracket. Learn More
  37. NA75-39-021
    Right side 1.8 motor mount bracket. Learn More
  38. Accessory belt, AC only, NA6
    Accessory belt for 1.6 Miatas with air conditioning but without power steering. Learn More
  39. Accessory belt, AC and PS, NA6
    Accessory belt for 1.6 Miatas with power steering and air conditioning. Learn More
  40. Alternator belt, NA6
    It's not a sexy part, but you need it. Learn More
  41. NA aftermarket fuel filter (Nippon-brand)
  42. Front transmission oil seal, 5-speed only
    Should be replaced when you have the transmission out. Learn More
  43. Flyin' Miata spring set (NB chassis)
  44. Super Blue brake fluid is no longer included in the kit.

    From: $647.00

    To: $725.76

    Make your stock brakes work better than new. Learn More
  45. Flyin' Miata Koni Stage 1 suspension package (NB chassis)
  46. Flyin' Miata Koni Stage 2 suspension package (NB chassis)
  47. FM V-Maxx XXtreme Stage 2 Track Pack package suspension kit (NB chassis)

    Killer performance for a killer price - a full track-ready suspension with adjustable coilovers, track-tested rates and adjustable sway bars.

    Learn More
  48. Magnecor sequential LS coil 8.5mm wire set for 2001-05 engines
    Replacement plug wires for cars with LS coils. Learn More
  49. The stock MAF will be installed in place of the silver pipe on the air filter.

    From: $959.00

    To: $6,249.98

    As much or as little turbo kit as you need. This is for the DIY builder. Now with standard Inconel studs!

    Learn More
  50. Six piston kit, front

    From: $1,224.00

    To: $2,141.77

    Need maximum whoa for your go? Put 11" rotors all around with as many as 20 pistons. Spec out your perfect brake kit from a range of options. Learn More

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