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  1. Timing belt and pulleys
    Just the belt and pulleys. As used in our timing belt kit. Learn More
  2. Small shifter boot (1990-late 1993)
    Yours is probably ripped. For cars up to late 1993. Learn More
  3. Diode Dynamics HP6 LED 31mm Interior Bulb
  4. Inconel turbo stud
    Have problems with breaking studs on your turbo? Inconel to the rescue. Learn More
  5. Includes all parts needed for installation.
    For those who need lots of fuel and need it right now. Learn More
  6. FM turbo hush kit for NA
    Make your FM II quieter. Learn More
  7. Transmission output plug
    Don't let your transmission pee on you. Learn More
  8. 3' of 3/4" hose is also included for plumbing purposes
    Lighter, smaller, better sealing and quieter than others on the market. Learn More
  9. LED H11 foglight bulbs
    Upgrade your NC fog lights in either a true yellow or white! Learn More
  10. 1.6 turbo downpipe lower section (2.5", NA8 cat)
    NA6 owners, get rid of the restrictive 1.6 cat with this special hybrid downpipe. Learn More
  11. Silver face 20 psi gauge
    Positive manifold pressure means it's fun time. Let this gauge tell you when it's fun time. Learn More
  12. 5 mm 4x100 wheel spacer
    Need to space your wheels out just a little bit more? Here you go! Learn More
  13. Diode Dynamics LED Bulbs (Your application may vary)
  14. Fasteners not shown.

    From: $959.00

    To: $1,198.00

    The core of a good turbo system. Now with standard Inconel studs! Learn More
  15. LED fog light bulbs (pair, H3, cool white)
    Give your 1999-00 fog lights a modern look. Learn More
  16. 10 mm 4x100 wheel spacer
    For 10 mm of extra space inside your wheels Learn More
  17. 7443 HP24 White/Amber Switchback bulbs
    Give your 2009-15 some serious turn indicators! Learn More
  18. Silver stitching
  19. Diode Dynamics LED bulbs (Your application may vary)
  20. Fasteners not shown.

    From: $959.00

    To: $1,167.99

    The core of a good turbo system. now with Inconel studs as standard! Learn More
  21. FM O2 signal modifier
    Prevents the stock ECU from pulling fuel under boost. Learn More
  22. Redline RL-600 DOT 4 brake fluid
    High wet and dry boiling point DOT 4 fluid Learn More
  23. There have been many detail upgrades, but you get the idea.
    Upgrade your older FM II with the latest intercooler and piping. Learn More
  24. 1990-93 head gasket set
    A complete head gasket kit. Learn More
  25. Flyin' Miata frame rails v2.0
    The original Miata frame rail reinforcements - and the most effective. Learn More
  26. R4S 2016+ Pads for Standard Brakes
  27. A rough idea of the parts included
    The latest generation of silicone intercooler hoses Learn More
  28. New and improved generation 2!
    Make it easier to lift your Miata without damage! The second generation is now available. Learn More
  29. Flyin' Miata Big Fuel kit (1.8 in NA6)
    Everything you need to feed an engine that consumes mass quantities of fuel. Learn More
  30. No-bind rear springs. Note: sold individually
    Eliminates the possibility of coil bind when used with extended mounts. Learn More
  31. Anodized Front LBBK installed
  32. The complete kit

    Everything you need for an oil drain on your Garrett.

    Learn More
  33. Diode Dynamics HP6 LED 29mm Interior Bulb
  34. Ball joint not included.
  35. Super Blue brake fluid is no longer included in this kit.

    From: $269.00

    To: $605.76

    Make your stock brakes work better than new. Learn More
  36. NA6 Throttle Body inlet Hose with coupler
  37. Note: calipers are now grey anodized
    Save more than 18 pounds of unsprung weight with four-piston calipers front and rear. Learn More
  38. Full V-Maxx Classic Coilover Kit for NA Miata
    A good coilover kit for an excellent price. Fixed damping matched to the springs. Includes new upper mounts. Exclusive to FM! Learn More
  39. Heavy duty sway bar mounts for NA/NB chassis
  40. V-Maxx spring set (Sport shown)
    Convert your V-Maxx XXtreme coilovers to a different specification. Learn More
  41. Flyin' Miata rear shock mounts
  42. Eibach Spring Set for NA/NB Fox Suspension
  43. Sold in pairs

    NASA Spec Miata/STR/STS legal! Bolt in 3 degrees of negative camber. Sold as a pair.

    Learn More
  44. 2003-05 single gauge pod
    A single gauge pod designed specifically for the 2003-05 Miata and Mazdaspeed MX-5 Learn More
  45. Sway bars, brackets and bushings. (Product may vary slightly from what is shown)
    A great handling upgrade with little or no downside. Learn More
  46. NA V-Maxx Xxtreme Track Coilovers
    Stupendous track performance for the money - adjustable coilovers with track-proven spring rates. Includes new upper mounts. Exclusive to FM! Learn More
  47. NA V-Maxx Xxtreme Sport Coilover kit
    A good coilover kit for an excellent price. Adjustable damping! Includes new upper mounts. Exclusive to FM! We also use a single long spring in the front for reaching higher ride heights without coil bind. Learn More
  48. Flyin' Miata FOX suspension for NA

    From: $1,850.00

    To: $2,349.00

    The best suspension we've ever offered for the NA.

    Learn More
  49. Flyin' Miata Stage 2 FOX suspension for NA

    From: $2,319.00

    To: $2,569.00

    Sway bars plus our excellent FOX coilovers

    Learn More
  50. V-Maxx Xxtreme Sport Stage 2 Kit (May vary slightly from shown)

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