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  1. NB Randall cowl intake duct
    Cowl induction for your Miata. Inexpensive, effective and made of carbon fibre! CARB legal. Learn More
  2. Hose, clamps and backing plates not shown but are included

    Regular Price: $619.00

    Special Price $599.95

    Keep your brakes working at maximum efficiency. Learn More
  3. How to stop a 500 hp Miata

    From: $1,239.00

    To: $1,985.78

    The biggest brakes. If you want to stop the fastest ND Miata in the world, it's what you use. Six pistons and nearly 13" of rotor diameter. Learn More
  4. The Transformer roll bar in track mode
  5. Air filter removed for better visibility

    From: $3,843.00

    To: $4,195.99

    An excellent combination of value and performance. It used to be called the Voodoo II. Now includes Inconel studs as standard!

    CARB legal!

    Learn More
  6. The stock MAF will be installed in place of the silver pipe on the air filter.

    From: $3,764.00

    To: $4,214.98

    An excellent combination of value and performance. CARB emissions legal!

    Learn More
  7. NC Hard Dog Sport roll bar, soft top cars
    Clean and effective rollover protection for the NC. Learn More
  8. NC Hard Dog Hard Bar roll bar (PRHT)
    Rollover protection for the newest Miatas that's compatible with the power hardtop. Learn More
  9. ND V8 exhaust kit

    From: $3,399.00

    To: $5,999.00

    A true dual with active sound levels. You can feel the horsepower. Learn More
  10. Side bracing
    Classic roadster looks with actual protection. Learn More
  11. Opened up to show the magic inside
    Get the oil off your intake valves! Learn More
  12. Shown with the optional vinyl cover
    Fat tubing and hard top compatibility. Previously known as the "Hard Core Hard Top" Learn More
  13. Stage 1 CARB conversion kit

    From: $599.00

    To: $749.00

    Converts an existing Stage 1 or Voodoo II turbo to full emissions legality. Trade in an existing Voodoo Box for a $400 credit! Learn More
  14. Artsy underhood shot

    From: $5,849.00

    To: $7,098.00

    Automobile Magazine called it "magic". More horsepower and torque for your ND. And emissions legal in all 50 states!

    Tested on track for 15 solid hours without any problems.

    Learn More
  15. Flyin' Miata frame rails v2.0
    The original Miata frame rail reinforcements - and the most effective. Learn More
  16. Note: calipers are now grey anodized
    Save more than 18 pounds of unsprung weight with four-piston calipers front and rear. Learn More
  17. This could be you.

    From: $3,696.00

    To: $4,420.98

    Want to make a Road & Track writer gush? Here's what you need. Learn More
  18. Air filter removed for better visibility

    From: $959.00

    To: $4,632.00

    As much or as little turbo kit as you need. This is for the DIY builder. Now with Inconel studs as standard.

    Learn More
  19. Complete butterfly
    Lighter, stiffer, lower price. Learn More
  20. Flyin' Miata rear shock mounts
  21. Anodized Front LBBK installed
  22. Oil (left) and transmission coolers. BBR turbo intercooler sold separately.

    From: $1,849.00

    To: $3,016.00

    Totally cool your car and save money. Learn More
  23. 3 inch exhaust system (NA chassis)

    From: $858.00

    To: $1,496.00

    Complete 3 inch exhaust system (NA chassis) Learn More
  24. IL Motorsports dual hood lift kit
    Looks great and offers more access. What's not to love? Learn More
  25. Verus canards for ND
    Lower drag, more front downforce and awesome looks. Learn More
  26. Sold in pairs
  27. Sold in pairs.
    The best sway bar end link you can get for the Miata. Learn More
  28. Black powdercoat (right side shown)

    Regular Price: $269.00

    Special Price $239.00

    Bolt on some serious stiffness. Learn More
  29. Air filter removed for better visibility

    From: $3,843.00

    To: $3,989.00

    An excellent combination of value and performance. It used to be called the Voodoo II. Now includes Inconel studs as standard!

    CARB legal!

    Learn More
  30. NC MZR water pump
  31. FM NC clutch/flywheel Happy Meal
    Flyin' Miata clutch and a Flyin' Miata flywheel - a well-matched combination. Learn More
  32. Full ND Kit
  33. ND V8 windshield washer reservoir kit
    It's a stealthy mod, but a good one. Learn More
  34. Flyin' Miata ND high flow midpipe
  35. Top lock cap installed into latch. (LATCHES NOT INCLUDED) This is the early design.
  36. Replacement top latches available in red or black
    Replace your worn stock top latch locks with these beauties. Learn More
  37. Modified ND Front V8 Subframe

    From: $81.00

    To: $2,879.00

    Stuff a V8 under hood! Learn More
  38. Double diagonal version installed
  39. 1990-05 Hard Dog Sport roll bar (double diagonal)
  40. The gold section is included, the red is not. NB (no longer available) version shown.
  41. Complete Little Enchilada (minus the boost gauge)

    From: $2,299.00

    To: $2,310.00

    Optimize your Mazdaspeed with our package of fundamental upgrades - intake, downpipe, exhaust and intercooler. 

    Learn More
  42. Cooler mounting location
  43. Hard Dog Harness Bar
    Add a solid harness mount to any NA or NB Miata. Learn More
  44. Fronts in red (photo from Automobile Magazine)

    From: $939.00

    To: $1,685.78

    Excellent track day brakes. Two or four wheel options. Learn More
  45. 03-05 Top Lock Cap installed onto the latch. (Latch not included)
  46. Our ND1 back-up camera installed.
    What's behind you does matter! Learn More

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