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  1. Solo DL

    From: $759.00

    To: $837.99

    The best way to improve your track performance. Learn More
  2. 16 psi / 1.1 bar radiator cap
    Good stock-type replacement. Learn More
  3. 22-23 psi radiator cap
    Keep that pressure inside the cooling system. Learn More
  4. Thermostat, 180 degree
    A replacement thermostat that opens at 180 degrees F. Learn More
  5. Redline Water Wetter
    Increase the cooling capacity of your fluid. Learn More
  6. Thermostat housing o-ring
    If you need it, you need it. Learn More
  7. The screw is the grounding point
  8. ND Not Included
    Don't go for the RTV. Learn More
  9. Frame rail/butterfly hardware kit (version 1)
    Fresh hardware for a frame rail or butterfly kit being moved from one car to another. Learn More
  10. Black powdercoat (right side shown)

    Regular Price: $269.00

    Special Price $239.00

    Bolt on some serious stiffness. Learn More
  11. Hardware not shown
    Turn a set of frame rails into a full butterfly brace! Learn More
  12. Driver's side heater hose
    Factory replacement part Learn More
  13. Passenger side heater hose
    Factory replacement part Learn More
  14. Wiseco seamless piston ring installer
    Make ring installation safe and easy. It's what we use. Learn More
  15. Prototype shown.Actual product varies slightly.
    A great tool for a club or a racer. Do a full suspension setup at home! Learn More
  16. 1990-05 Hard Dog Sport roll bar (double diagonal)
  17. Shown with the optional vinyl cover
    Fat tubing and hard top compatibility. Previously known as the "Hard Core Hard Top" Learn More
  18. Hard Dog Harness Bar
    Add a solid harness mount to any NA or NB Miata. Learn More
  19. Side bracing
    Classic roadster looks with actual protection. Learn More
  20. Hardware included
    An easy safety upgrade. Strongly recommended for any track car. Learn More
  21. Shown on Fat Boy
  22. Our new Crossflow Radiator for NA/NB Miatas
    The best radiator available for the Miata. And now even more affordable. Learn More
  23. Upper radiator hose for NA/NB crossflow radiator
    A special upper hose for our crossflow radiator. Learn More
  24. Flyin' Miata frame rails v2.0
    The original Miata frame rail reinforcements - and the most effective. Learn More
  25. Complete butterfly
  26. Carrillo H beam rods
    They don`t get any stronger. Learn More
  27. Exhaust/intake valve stem seal
    Fits exhaust valves on all NA and NB engines as well as the intake on the NA6. Learn More
  28. Big nose crank seal
    Recommended with every timing belt change. Learn More
  29. Sold individually
    Stiffer differential bushing. Sold individually. Learn More
  30. Polyurethane differential bushings
    Stiffer differential mounts improve your shifting. Learn More
  31. Complete polyurethane bushing kit for NA and NB
    Banish rubber from your suspension with this complete polyurethane bushing set. Learn More
  32. Complete high performance rubber bushing set for NA and NB
    30-40% stiffer than stock replacement rubber bushings. Learn More
  33. Oil filter (NA/NB)
  34. Timing belt and pulleys
    Just the belt and pulleys. As used in our timing belt kit. Learn More
  35. O-ring for oil filler cap
  36. NA PCV valves look different than this but use the same grommet
  37. Despite the taco shell packaging, we do not recommend eating King XP bearings.

    Regular Price: $64.99

    Special Price $39.99

    Strong bearings for high load Learn More
  38. Dual valve spring kit
    For the most extreme Miata engine builds - with titanium retainers. Ooooo. Learn More
  39. Carrillo Super-A beam rods for Miata
    Lighter, less expensive and strong! Learn More
  40. ACL race main bearings for NA/NB
  41. ARP head studs
    Custom designed for the Miata. Learn More
  42. ARP main cap studs (NA/NB)
    Custom designed for the 1990-05 Miata. Set of ten studs. Learn More
  43. NB valve keeper
    Valve keepers for 1999-05 Miatas Learn More
  44. Upgraded PCV valve
    A stronger spring in this PCV valve lets it deal with boost. Learn More
  45. Miata not included
    Strongly recommended when installing a new oil pump. Learn More
  46. ACL race rod bearings for NA/NB
  47. Flyin' Miata adjustable cam gear - with triggers!
    Fine-tune your cam timing for maximum performance. Learn More
  48. Boundary Engineering upgraded oil pump
  49. Accessory belt, PS only, NA/NB
    Accessory belt for cars with power steering but without air conditioning. Learn More
  50. Complete kit.

    Regular Price: $199.00

    Special Price $99.99

    Harness the power of lasers to make your alignment even easier! Compatible with v3.0 stands only! Learn More

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1-50 of 397

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