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  1. These are 2.5", but the 3" look much the same
    Keep your brakes cool to make them last longer. Learn More
  2. Extended braided stainless steel clutch hose
  3. Rear sway bar bushings for NA/NB
    New bushings for 5/8" rear sway bars Learn More
  4. Improved bump stops (pair)
    Multi-cellular polyurethane bump stops give more travel and a better ride than stock. Learn More
  5. Shock spacer, sold individually
    Give your car a lift! Learn More
  6. Billet sway bar brackets (rear)
    Yes, you do need billet sway bar brackets. Learn More
  7. Ooooo, sexy.
    Yes, you do need billet sway bar brackets. Learn More
  8. Tokico Illumina adjuster washer
  9. Tokico Illumina adjuster selector
    ...now where did that little thing go? Learn More
  10. Sold in pairs

    NASA Spec Miata/STR/STS legal! Bolt in 3 degrees of negative camber. Sold as a pair.

    Learn More
  11. V-Maxx spring set (Sport shown)
    Convert your V-Maxx XXtreme coilovers to a different specification. Learn More
  12. Lower ball joint for NA and NB
  13. Complete kit.
  14. Mazda front hub nut
    Factory front hub nut. Learn More
  15. Mazda front hub cover
    Should be replaced when hubs are changed Learn More
  16. Lower ball joint boot
    Replacement protective boot for the lower ball joint. Learn More
  17. Upper ball joint boot
    Factory replacement for cracked upper ball joint boots Learn More
  18. Tie rod boot
    Replacement protective boot for tie rod ends. Learn More
  19. Clutch accessory kit for FM level 1 NA/NB clutch
  20. Carrillo Super-A beam rods for Miata
    Lighter, less expensive and strong! Learn More
  21. Inconel 1mm oversize exhaust valve (1.8)
    Oversize exhaust valves for more flow - now available in Inconel! Learn More
  22. Flyin' Miata Koni Stage 1 suspension package (NB chassis)
  23. Complete kit

    V-Maxx Classic coilovers matched with FM sway bars: a complete handling package for a low price.

    Learn More
  24. Snazzy messy pile of bushings
    An inexpensive way to refresh your suspension. Learn More
  25. Sold in pairs
  26. FM V-Maxx Sport / Classic extended front spring
  27. Flyin' Miata spring set (NB chassis)
    Great handling without a killer ride. Learn More
  28. NB front sway bar
    A front sway bar package, including bushings and brackets. Learn More
  29. Flyin' Miata sway bars (NB chassis)
    A great handling upgrade with little or no downside. Available for every Miata. Learn More
  30. Koni Sport shock and bumpstop set (NB chassis)
    One of the classic Miata shocks. Now $130 less expensive! Includes a set of MCU bumpstops. Learn More
  31. Flyin' Miata Big Spark kit (without coils)

    Regular Price: $349.00

    Special Price $299.00

    Put some lightning in your engine bay with FM's LS3 coil upgrade. Learn More
  32. Includes all parts needed for installation.
    For those who need lots of fuel and need it right now. Learn More
  33. You will reuse your stock upper mounts as shown

    From: $2,199.00

    To: $2,449.00

    Sway bars plus our excellent FOX coilovers

    Learn More
  34. V-Maxx XXtreme Stage 2 Sport for 2001-05

    Long name, but it's a very affordable all-around suspension setup.

    Learn More
  35. Flyin' Miata Koni Stage 2 suspension package (NB chassis)
  36. Flyin' Miata Cannon rear subframe brace
  37. Water pump!
    It's a good plan to replace your water pump when you change your timing belt. Learn More
  38. NA8 version
    Big bore throttle body and no chance of screws in your intake! Learn More
  39. EGR blockoff plate
    Stainless steel plate to block off the EGR fitting Learn More
  40. Flyin Miata tool kit (1991-00 and MSM engine)

    FM's special tools to make a timing belt change easy. Includes our crank holding tool, cam gear Ninja Tool, crank and cam seal installers.

    For 1991-00 and Mazdaspeed models.

    Learn More
  41. Flyin' Miata cam seal installer tool
    Perfect cam seal installation every time. Learn More
  42. Sorry, mini Miata is not included.
    Whether the job in front of you involves a timing belt or liquid refreshment, this tool has what you need. Learn More
  43. FM crank bolt tool

    Tool for holding the crank in place. You need one.

    Learn More
  44. Flyin' Miata rear crank seal installer tool
    Perfect installation of the rear main seal every time. Learn More
  45. Front seal installer (big nose crank)
    Want to make installing a front crank seal easy? Learn More
  46. Flyin' Miata NB gauge faces
  47. Sexy closeup of the high traction surface.
    Keep your feet from slipping off your pedals at embarrassing moments. Learn More
  48. FM fuel rail only
    Rail only, no lines Learn More
  49. 99-05 Complete Fuel Rail Kit
  50. Timing belt kit (NB 1999-00 and MSM)
    Everything you need for a timing belt change! Learn More

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