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  1. 90-05 Rear Wheel Bearing
  2. Rear sway bar bushings for NA/NB
    New bushings for 5/8" rear sway bars Learn More
  3. NA/NB Rear Upper Control Arm Bushings
  4. Fronts in red (photo from Automobile Magazine)

    From: $939.00

    To: $1,685.78

    Excellent track day brakes. Two or four wheel options. Learn More
  5. How to stop a 500 hp Miata

    From: $1,239.00

    To: $1,985.78

    The biggest brakes. If you want to stop the fastest ND Miata in the world, it's what you use. Six pistons and nearly 13" of rotor diameter. Learn More
  6. 1.8 Flyin' Miata turbo manifold

    From: $549.00

    To: $658.00

    At the core of our 1.8 turbo kits. Now with Inconel studs as standard! Learn More
  7. Flyin' Miata Cannon rear subframe brace
  8. Eccentric bolt lock kit
    New parts along with the exclusive Paco Motorsports eccentric lock. Learn More
  9. Alignment Bolt, 1990-05
    Eccentrics?! We've got yer eccentrics. Learn More
  10. V-Maxx secondary spring kit
    Just the helpers, ma'am. Learn More
  11. One-piece dual gauge pod
    An OE-looking replacement trim panel with mounting points for two gauges. Learn More
  12. Flyin' Miata 1990-05 shock tower brace
    Finally, a well-designed shock tower brace for the Miata. Now fits all NA and NB models! Learn More
  13. Lightweight trailer hitch (version 2) for NB
  14. The brace in place along with one of our shock tower braces.
    Give your braking a nice firm foundation. Black powdercoat. Learn More
  15. Sexy closeup of the high traction surface.
    Keep your feet from slipping off your pedals at embarrassing moments. Learn More
  16. Flyin' Miata rear sway bar (NA/NB chassis)
  17. Tokico Illumina adjuster selector
    $1.39 where did that little thing go? Learn More
  18. Tokico Illumina adjuster washer
  19. Our new carbon-reinforced nylon "Ninja" tool!
    A dramatic price drop and it's easier to use. What's not to love? Learn More
  20. Intercooler w/ hardware, 1999-2005
  21. Lower ball joint boot
    Replacement protective boot for the lower ball joint. Learn More
  22. Flyin' Miata NB gauge faces
  23. The bushings are highlighted in green. This kit includes a total of four.
  24. Carrillo Super-A beam rods for Miata
    Lighter, less expensive and strong! Learn More
  25. FM crank bolt tool

    Tool for holding the crank in place. You need one.

    Learn More
  26. 1.8 conversion kit

    From: $149.00

    To: $415.93

    Want to put a 1.8 engine in your 1990-93 Miata? Here are the parts you'll need. Learn More
  27. Sorry, the little Miata is not included.
    Compressor inlet for blow-off valve or VTA installs. Learn More
  28. Flyin' Miata cam seal installer tool
  29. Carbon fiber reinforced nylon cam seal installer tool
    Perfect cam seal installation every time. Now improved! Learn More
  30. NB Camshaft sensor
    Cheap replacements don't last. Get the real thing. Learn More
  31. Big Nose crank front main seal installer tool
    Get the perfect seal installation with our second generation tool. Learn More
  32. Front main/crankshaft seal installer tool (big nose)
  33. Dual valve spring kit
    For the most extreme Miata engine builds - with titanium retainers. Ooooo. Learn More
  34. Snazzy messy pile of bushings
    An inexpensive way to refresh your suspension. Learn More
  35. ACL race main bearings for NA/NB
  36. Valve spring kit
    A well-designed valve spring upgrade - with titanium retainers. Ooooo. Learn More
  37. Six piston kit, front
  38. Black shown (no longer available)
  39. NB Sway Bars with brackets and bushings
    A great handling upgrade with little or no downside. Available for every Miata. Learn More
  40. Complete adjustable brake proportioning kit
    Everything you need to install an adjustable brake proportioning valve on your Miata! Learn More
  41. FM V-Maxx Sport / Classic extended front spring
  42. Flyin' Miata brake lines for Wilwood front calipers, NA/NB
  43. Full valve compressor tool kit shown
    Change out valve springs and seals without pulling the head! Learn More
  44. NA8 94-97 Intake Manifold Gasket
  45. FM 2nd Gen Rear Main Seal Installer Tool
    Perfect installation of the rear main seal every time. Now redesigned and with a lower price! Learn More
  46. ACL race rod bearings for NA/NB
  47. Our newest NA/NB crossflow radiator from Koyorad
    The best radiator available for the Miata. And now even more affordable. Learn More
  48. NB replacement upper control arm
    Because you can't replace just the ball joint, unfortunately. Learn More
  49. dip stick tube o-ring
    Fixes leaks at the bottom of the dip stick Learn More
  50. Oil filter (NA/NB)

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