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  1. Hard lines for turbo oil drain
    Replace your rubber oil line with indestructible stainless steel. Learn More
  2. Upper ball joint boot
    Factory replacement for cracked upper ball joint boots Learn More
  3. Tie rod boot
    Replacement protective boot for tie rod ends. Learn More
  4. Lower ball joint for NA and NB
  5. Shock spacer, sold individually
  6. Complete butterfly
    Lighter, stiffer, lower price. Learn More
  7. Ooooo, sexy.
    Yes, you do need billet sway bar brackets. Learn More
  8. Billet sway bar brackets (rear)
    Yes, you do need billet sway bar brackets. Learn More
  9. Sorry, baby Miata not included
  10. Little Miata not included, sorry.
  11. FM IIR divorced flow downpipe for NB

    Regular Price: $609.00

    Special Price $379.00

    As previously featured in our FM IIR turbo kit.

    Learn More
  12. Clutch hydraulics refresh bundle
  13. Complete kit shown in black (see color notes). Parking brake cables not shown.

    From: $1,049.00

    To: $1,299.00

    The ultimate autocross brake package. Four-piston calipers all around, an SCCA legal parking brake and clearance for 13" wheels.

    Learn More
  14. Front
    Elvis is back from the dead and ready to party. Or climb hills. Learn More
  15. The complete kit. You will reuse your stock upper mounts in the rear as shown.
  16. Rear
    We're sorry, but the order period has ended for this item. Learn More
  17. Parking brake cables not shown. Black is no longer available.
    A four-piston aluminum caliper on the rear with a parking brake? 3 lbs of weight loss per wheel? Only from Flyin' Miata! This is the back half of our Stage 2 brake setups. Learn More
  18. What's included.
    A large bore exhaust that fits with a stock cat. Learn More
  19. FOX shocks for the NC.

    From: $1,750.00

    To: $2,249.00

    Make your Miata into a razor-sharp sports car.

    Learn More
  20. The stock MAF will be installed in place of the silver pipe on the air filter.

    From: $3,764.00

    To: $4,214.98

    An excellent combination of value and performance. CARB emissions legal!

    Learn More
  21. Shown assembled using the stock upper mounts (not included)

    From: $1,750.00

    To: $2,249.00

    The best suspension we've ever offered for the NB.

    Learn More
  22. You will reuse your stock upper mounts as shown
  23. Complete kit (shown without the new front springs)

    V-Maxx Classic coilovers matched with FM sway bars: a complete handling package for a low price.

    Learn More
  24. Playtime! ND shirt
    Miatas are toys. It's playtime. Learn More
  25. FM V-Maxx XXtreme Stage 2 Track Pack suspension kit (NA8 chassis)

    Killer performance for a killer price - a full track-ready suspension with adjustable coilovers, track-tested rates and adjustable sway bars.

    Learn More
  26. FM V-Maxx XXtreme Stage 2 Sport package suspension kit (NA8 chassis)
  27. NA PCV valves look different than this but use the same grommet
  28. NA8 front sway bar
    A front sway bar package, including bushings and brackets. Learn More
  29. Note that contents may not be exactly as shown

    From: $499.00

    To: $682.76

    Everything you need to rebuild your engine. Learn More
  30. The tank connection for an NB-based car. The NA has a separate return line from the FPR on the fuel rail.
  31. You know you want it.
  32. Flyin' Miata sway bars (NA8 chassis)
    A great handling upgrade with little or no downside. Learn More
  33. With black face and bezel installed
    A highly accurate wideband controller integrated into a standard 2 inch gauge. Now faster with a wider range of readings! Learn More
  34. Wiseco seamless piston ring installer
  35. NA Randall cowl intake duct
    Cowl induction for your Miata! Inexpensive, effective - and made of carbon fibre! CARB legal. Learn More
  36. Miata Performance Projects
    Roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. 41 "how to" projects to improve your Miata. This is the practical book of the series. Learn More
  37. Collect the whole set the easy way.
    Beef up your FM trivia knowledge and have fun with your friends with this simple game. Plus who doesn't love cool pictures of Miatas? Learn More
  38. Shown with all options for a stock ECU

    From: $249.00

    To: $728.99

    Solve all of your Mazdaspeed's breathing problems at once. Learn More
  39. That gold color is Kashima coat
  40. Sorry, toy Miata not included.
    A great companion to our hub stands. Learn More
  41. Flyin' Miata tow hook set
    A pair of SCCA-legal hooks for your Miata. Learn More
  42. Yours may be green or black.
    One of the biggest causes of stranded Miatas. Learn More
  43. Radiator and fans shown.

    From: $22.99

    To: $1,206.99

    Keep your big engine cool. Learn More
  44. Top lock cap installed into latch. (LATCHES NOT INCLUDED) This is the early design.
  45. ND V8 cooling kit

    From: $449.00

    To: $1,617.00

    Keep your horses cool. Learn More
  46. Stage 8 hardware with Inconel studs
    Inconel studs and Stage 8 locking hardware for a bulletproof turbo connection Learn More
  47. Hardware package for Flyin' Miata turbine outlet
    All the hardware that is attached to our turbine outlet. Learn More
  48. Diode Dynamics 921 HP36 LED Third Brake Light
    Give your Miata modern lighting technology. This is also the correct bulb for the reverse lights on an NC. Learn More
  49. Front transmission oil seal, 5-speed only
    Should be replaced when you have the transmission out. Learn More
  50. 34mm blow-off valve

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