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  1. Hose splice with fan thermoswitch port
  2. Fronts in red (photo from Automobile Magazine)

    From: $939.00

    To: $1,685.78

    Excellent track day brakes. Two or four wheel options. Learn More
  3. Flyin' Miata Stage 2 Fox suspension kit for ND

    From: $1,950.00

    To: $2,449.00

    It's what we drive. Now available for the RF!

    Learn More
  4. Stage 2 airflow kit (non-crossflow version shown)
  5. Note: this is not the crossflow version. It differs slightly in the location of the inlet.
    Our Stage 1 Airflow kit for our crossflow radiator Learn More
  6. 3' of 3/4" hose is also included for plumbing purposes
    Lighter, smaller, better sealing and quieter than others on the market. Learn More
  7. FM turbo hush kit for NA
    Make your FM II quieter. Learn More
  8. FM V-Maxx XXtreme Stage 2 Sport package suspension kit (NA6 chassis)

    Long name, but it's a very affordable all-around suspension setup.

    Learn More
  9. How to stop a 500 hp Miata

    From: $1,239.00

    To: $1,985.78

    The biggest brakes. If you want to stop the fastest ND Miata in the world, it's what you use. Six pistons and nearly 13" of rotor diameter. Learn More
  10. Flyin' Miata 1990-05 shock tower brace
    Finally, a well-designed shock tower brace for the Miata. Now fits all NA and NB models! Learn More
  11. Thermostat housing o-ring
    If you need it, you need it. Learn More
  12. Complete kit (without the new front springs
    A good coilover kit for an excellent price. Fixed damping matched to the springs. Includes new upper mounts. Exclusive to FM! We also use a single long spring in the front for reaching higher ride heights without coil bind. Learn More
  13. Flyin' Miata spring set (NA chassis)
    Great handling without a killer ride. These are the standard by which all Miata springs are judged. Learn More
  14. Sorry, the little Miata is not included.
    Compressor inlet for blow-off valve or VTA installs. Learn More
  15. Throttle body inlet pipe for NA6
    As used on FM turbo systems. Learn More
  16. Stage 2 airflow kit
    Maximum airflow for maximum cooling. Learn More
  17. Stage 1 Flyin Miata airflow kit (NA6)
  18. The tank connection for an NB-based car. The NA has a separate return line from the FPR on the fuel rail.
  19. 1.8 conversion kit

    From: $149.00

    To: $391.24

    Want to put a 1.8 engine in your 1990-93 Miata? Here are the parts you'll need. Learn More
  20. MAC boost control solenoid kit
    Electronic boost control hardware Learn More
  21. This is what the new intake looks like.
    For retrofitting a stock ECU to a 1.6 FM II Learn More
  22. Silicone water supply lines (bag 3A)
    Water supply lines for a 2560 Learn More
  23. A rough idea of the parts included
    The latest generation of silicone intercooler hoses Learn More
  24. The separator
    Cut down on oil consumption during hard use. Learn More
  25. Shown with optional TPS
    Give your aftermarket ECU a real throttle position sensor! Learn More
  26. Radiator not included

    From: $699.00

    To: $829.00

    An intelligent fan system that can go from a whisper to a hurricane. Learn More
  27. Air filter removed for better visibility

    From: $3,843.00

    To: $4,059.00

    An excellent combination of value and performance. It used to be called the Voodoo II. Now includes Inconel studs as standard!

    CARB legal!

    Learn More
  28. Flyin' Miata Koni Stage 2.5 suspension package (NA6 chassis)

    From: $1,369.00

    To: $1,472.98

    The famous Stage 2.5, now available with Konis and $120 less expensive!

    Learn More
  29. Flyin' Miata Koni Stage 2.5 suspension package (NA8 chassis)

    From: $1,369.00

    To: $1,472.98

    The famous Stage 2.5, now available with Konis and $120 less expensive.

    Learn More
  30. This shirt will make you at least as happy as shown here.
    Celebrate summer even as it fades away. Learn More
  31. Flyin' Miata rear shock mounts
  32. 949Racing aluminum tire valve

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