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  1. Flyin' Miata  forged turbo pistons by Wiseco (NC 2.0 MZR)
    Very strong 9.5:1 compression pistons for the NC Learn More
  2. Oil drain for MSM (bag 5B)
    For use with a Garrett turbo on a MSM engine Learn More
  3. Silicone water supply lines (bag 3E)
    Water supply for a GT3071 on a Mazdaspeed engine Learn More
  4. Sorry, baby Miata not included.
  5. DEI Titanium heat shield (pipe not included)
    Tired of a hot foot from your exhaust? Learn More
  6. Silver face 20 psi gauge
    Positive manifold pressure means it's fun time. Let this gauge tell you when it's fun time. Learn More
  7. Mazdaspeed intercooler upgrade package
    Replace the small Mazdaspeed IC with a larger, more efficient one for more power at higher boost. Learn More
  8. Note: these are sold individually, not as a pair.
  9. A rough idea of the parts included
    The latest generation of silicone intercooler hoses Learn More
  10. Compressor to intercooler hose for NA8 and NB
  11. Sorry, baby Miata not included.
    From the intercooler to the throttle body inlet. Learn More
  12. NA6 Throttle Body inlet Hose with coupler
  13. Throttle Body Inlet Pipe For NB with Connector Pipe
    As used on FM turbo systems. Learn More
  14. NA8 Throttle Body Inlet
  15. NA8 custom EGR pipe
    For use with the current FM turbo manifold Learn More
  16. -4AN to 1/8 NPT Male adapter
    Used to connect turbo oil feeds to a 1/8 NPT thread. Learn More
  17. FM lower radiator hose
    A better-flowing hose for turbo cars - and everyone. Learn More
  18. Adapter, -4AN male to 7/16-24 male inverted flare
    To hook up your oil feed to a turbocharger Learn More
  19. NA/NB turbine outlet (downpipe upper section)
    Long life, easy installation and high flow. It's hard to argue. Learn More
  20. Sorry, the little Miata is not included.
    Compressor inlet for blow-off valve or VTA installs. Learn More
  21. Silicone water supply lines (bag 3A)
  22. There have been many detail upgrades, but you get the idea.
    Upgrade your older FM II with the latest intercooler and piping. Learn More
  23. FM adjustable timing wheel
    A quick and easy way to adjust the base timing. Learn More
  24. NGK race spark plugs
    A big upgrade for high boost cars. Learn More
  25. FM Level 1 clutch
    Smooth engagement, a light pedal and the ability to hold 318 ft/lbs. Learn More
  26. FM Level 2 clutch
  27. Redline synthetic motor oil
    The lifeblood of your engine. Available in a wide range of weights. Learn More
  28. The complete kit. Brackets may vary from the photo.
    A top-quality oil cooler kit including lines and brackets. Learn More
  29. Set of 4 1050cc injectors
  30. Our full NA/NB oil filter relocation kit
    A high quality relocation kit with stainless steel lines and optional turbo oil fittings! Learn More
  31. ATI Damper pulley kit (1996-05)
    Keep your bearings and oil pump happy with this Super Damper. Includes a trigger wheel. Learn More
  32. Note that contents may not be exactly as shown

    From: $449.00

    To: $720.96

    Everything you need to rebuild your engine. Learn More
  33. Mazda Competition motor mount
    Stiffer motor mount to help keep a high power engine from moving around. Learn More
  34. FM O2 signal modifier
    Prevents the stock ECU from pulling fuel under boost. Learn More
  35. Actual content will vary depending on application
  36. ATI Damper pulley kit with 36-2 trigger wheel
    Keep your bearings and oil pump happy with this Super Damper. Includes our 36-2 trigger wheel. Learn More
  37. Radiator not included

    From: $699.00

    To: $866.99

    An intelligent fan system that can go from a whisper to a hurricane. Learn More
  38. Valve spring kit
    A well-designed valve spring upgrade - with titanium retainers. Ooooo. Learn More
  39. Inconel 1mm oversize intake valve (1.8)
    As tested on some of the hardest-working Miata engines on the planet. Learn More
  40. Mazdaspeed downpipe/catalytic converter upgrade
    More power and faster spoolup for the Mazdaspeed. Now available with a California emissions legal cat! Learn More
  41. Hard lines for water and oil lines
    Replace all your rubber water and oil lines with stainless steel. Learn More
  42. The complete kit

    Everything you need for an oil drain on your Garrett.

    Learn More
  43. Intercooler w/ hardware, 1999-2005
  44. Oooo, spark plugs!

    Extended reach spark plugs, ideal for turbo or supercharger use. Sold in sets of four.

    Learn More
  45. Stage 8 hardware with Inconel studs
    Inconel studs and Stage 8 locking hardware for a bulletproof turbo connection Learn More
  46. 2004-05 Mazdaspeed head gasket set
  47. 1999-00 stock EGR pipe
  48. 1999-00 EGR plug
    For cars with deleted EGR. Learn More
  49. Air filter for MSM intakes
    Replacement for the filter in FM intakes Learn More
  50. DeatschWerks 165 LPH fuel pump

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