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  1. You know you want it.
  2. Put yourself here!
    Miatas love boost. Boost loves Miatas. Everybody loves Miata shirts.
    Sorry, the order period for this shirt has ended. Learn More
  3. NC Miata high flow cat and midpipe
  4. Modified ND Front V8 Subframe

    From: $81.00

    To: $2,879.00

    Stuff a V8 under hood! Learn More
  5. Double diagonal version installed
  6. 1.6 turbo downpipe lower section (2.5", NA8 cat)
    NA6 owners, get rid of the restrictive 1.6 cat with this special hybrid downpipe. Learn More
  7. The complete kit. Mounting brackets may not be exactly as shown.
    A top-quality oil cooler kit including lines and brackets. Learn More
  8. Front main seal installer tool
    Get the perfect seal installation with our second generation tool. Learn More
  9. Ball joint not included.
  10. FM Level 2 clutch
  11. Flyin' Miata ND high flow midpipe
  12. The design!

    If you want to make a statement, you make it in orange. Classier than a prison jumpsuit.

    The order period for this product has expired. Learn More

  13. The gold section is included, the red is not. NB (no longer available) version shown.
  14. NA8 Flyin' Miata catalytic converter
  15. NA6 Flyin' Miata catalytic converter
    Free flowing cat for more power. Learn More
  16. Complete Little Enchilada (minus the boost gauge)

    From: $2,299.00

    To: $2,310.00

    Optimize your Mazdaspeed with our package of fundamental upgrades - intake, downpipe, exhaust and intercooler. 

    Learn More
  17. Cooler mounting location
  18. Carbon fiber reinforced nylon cam seal installer tool
    Perfect cam seal installation every time. Now improved! Learn More
  19. Hard Dog Harness Bar
    Add a solid harness mount to any NA or NB Miata. Learn More
  20. Fronts in red (photo from Automobile Magazine)

    From: $939.00

    To: $1,685.78

    Excellent track day brakes. Two or four wheel options. Learn More
  21. 03-05 Top Lock Cap installed onto the latch. (Latch not included)
  22. Our ND1 back-up camera installed.
  23. CAS Extension
    Get rid of splices in your CAS wiring! Learn More

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