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  1. NA V-Maxx Xxtreme Track Stage 2

    Killer performance for a killer price - a full track-ready suspension with adjustable coilovers, track-tested rates and adjustable sway bars.

    Learn More
  2. Anodized rear LBBK installed
    Only Flyin' Miata can put four piston calipers on the back of your Miata. Learn More
  3. NA V-Maxx Xxtreme Track Coilovers
    Stupendous track performance for the money - adjustable coilovers with track-proven spring rates. Includes new upper mounts. Exclusive to FM! Learn More
  4. The stock MAF will be installed in place of the silver pipe on the air filter.

    From: $3,764.00

    To: $4,214.98

    An excellent combination of value and performance. CARB emissions legal!

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  5. Artsy underhood shot

    From: $5,849.00

    To: $7,098.00

    Automobile Magazine called it "magic". More horsepower and torque for your ND. And emissions legal in all 50 states!

    Tested on track for 15 solid hours without any problems.

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  6. Flyin' Miata frame rails v2.0
    The original Miata frame rail reinforcements - and the most effective. Learn More
  7. Anodized Front LBBK installed
  8. Six piston kit, front
  9. V-Maxx Xxtreme Sport Stage 2 Kit (May vary slightly from shown)
  10. Full NA8 V-Maxx Xxtreme Sport Stage 2 Coilover Kit
  11. Oil (left) and transmission coolers. BBR turbo intercooler sold separately.

    From: $1,849.00

    To: $3,040.99

    Totally cool your car and save money. Learn More
  12. Full V-Maxx Stage 2 Kit for NA (May vary slightly from shown)

    V-Maxx Classic coilovers matched with FM sway bars: a complete handling package for a low price.

    Learn More
  13. 3 inch exhaust system (NA chassis)

    From: $858.00

    To: $1,496.00

    Complete 3 inch exhaust system (NA chassis) Learn More
  14. Big Mama Jama six piston Stage 1 kit

    From: $1,224.00

    To: $2,141.77

    Need maximum whoa for your go? Put 11" rotors all around with as many as 20 pistons. Spec out your perfect brake kit from a range of options. Learn More
  15. Short Nose Crankshaft Tool Kit (tools are not all shown to scale)

    FM's special tools to make a timing belt change easy. Now includes a cam seal installer.

    Learn More
  16. The Voodoo Box
    It's fuel magic - forced induction without an injector upgrade! Learn More
  17. Black powdercoat (right side shown)
  18. IL Motorsports dual hood lift kit
    Looks great and offers more access. What's not to love? Learn More
  19. M10x1 inverted flare to NPT adapter
    Install a proportioning valve in your Miata without flaring tools! Learn More
  20. Verus canards for ND
    Lower drag, more front downforce and awesome looks. Learn More
  21. VVT Intake Cam Seal Installer Tool
  22. BBR NC Transmission Adapter Kit for ND Miatas
    Eliminate the possibility of transmission failures! Learn More
  23. 199-05 5 spd (99-01 6 spd) Shifter Rebuild Kit components. (Small shift boot may vary from shown)
    Make your shifter feel new again! For 1999-05 5-speed transmissions as well as 1999-01 6-speed (production up to 08/01/01). Learn More
  24. Sold in pairs
  25. Sold in pairs
  26. Sold in pairs
  27. Sold in pairs.
    The best sway bar end link you can get for the Miata. Learn More
  28. Our new carbon-reinforced nylon "Ninja" tool!
    A dramatic price drop and it's easier to use. What's not to love? Learn More
  29. Set of 6 soft-top bolts
    You may damage these when removing them. Learn More
  30. Coils not included

    Regular Price: $349.00

    Special Price $299.00

    Put some lightning in your engine bay with FM's LS3 coil upgrade. Learn More
  31. Air filter removed for better visibility

    From: $3,843.00

    To: $3,989.00

    An excellent combination of value and performance. It used to be called the Voodoo II. Now includes Inconel studs as standard!

    CARB legal!

    Learn More
  32. NC MZR water pump
  33. FM NC clutch/flywheel Happy Meal
    Flyin' Miata clutch and a Flyin' Miata flywheel - a well-matched combination. Learn More
  34. Full ND Kit
  35. 2001-05 spark plug wires
  36. Spark plug wires
  37. Water pump!
    It's a good plan to replace your water pump when you change your timing belt. Learn More
  38. NA6 Waterpump with gaskets
    It's a good plan to replace your water pump when you change your timing belt. Learn More
  39. ND V8 windshield washer reservoir kit
    It's a stealthy mod, but a good one. Learn More
  40. Ceramic with 245/40-17 RE-71 tires
    A smooth dark center with a crisp machined outer lip. Mmmm. Learn More
  41. DEI Titanium heat shield (pipe not included)
    Tired of a hot foot from your exhaust? Learn More
  42. NA8 version
    Big bore throttle body and no chance of screws in your intake! Learn More
  43. FM V-Maxx Sport / Classic extended front spring
  44. FM Level 2 clutch
  45. The complete kit. Brackets may not be exactly as shown.
    A top-quality oil cooler kit including lines and brackets Learn More
  46. The complete kit. Mounting brackets may not be exactly as shown.
    A top-quality oil cooler kit including lines and brackets. Learn More
  47. Top lock cap installed into latch. (LATCHES NOT INCLUDED) This is the early design.
  48. Replacement top latches available in red or black
  49. Mazdaspeed intercooler upgrade package
    Replace the small Mazdaspeed IC with a larger, more efficient one for more power at higher boost. Learn More
  50. You know you want it.

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